Ted Haggard… Again.

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Another past gay affair is revealed. A part of me does feel bad for the guy. I remember what it was like, before I accepted that I was gay. I tried to be straight. But how I would fight myself, only to skulk and sneak around when I was sure none my friends or family would find out. Yes I did some dumb things (not scandalously dumb, but dumb to me) when I was in the closet, so I do understand. But I didn’t have a girlfriend, wife or kids, nor did I belong to a church, so the pressure on Haggard must be so much more than I ever experienced. Actually, I take that back, the pressure is the same, that’s why it leads to these behaviors. Haggard absolutely will not find peace until he settles in his heart and soul who he is, and gets on with his life. This life is too short to live with such pain that he is forcing upon himself. Mr. Haggard, it is time for you to breathe.

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  1. By Jeff Alberts, January 27, 2009 @ 6:35 pm

    “This was compassionate assistance. It was to help him move forward, not a settlement to keep him quiet,”

    Does anyone really believe that?

    I don’t pretend to know what you’ve gone through, Sonicfrog, but I feel no sympathy for Haggard, at all.

    To me, the antics of all these evangelists, catholic priests, etc, is further proof of the non-existence of “god”.

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