Another Dense Idiotic Statement for 2006

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From Eric Alterman:

“So we’Â’ve gutted the budget for reconstruction in Iraq, something that may make sense, given that we’re not really conducting any, and are incapable of providing the necessary security to do so, but at the same time, we’Â’ve destroyed what was a functioning country. True it was a totalitarian dictatorship run by mass murderer, but it functioned for most people.”

Yeah, it functioned quite well. And so did Germany, until the stupid Americans got involved. Oh, nevermind that Germany didn’t function that well for the Jews or Homosexuals, or that Iraq didn’t function well for the Kurds, Marsh Arabs, and Shia. I am really tired of liberals trying to paint pre-war Iraq as some sort of almost paradise. And as for the funding, does Alterman think for one moment that suplimentary funds will not be made available. And besides, you should be happy, as you were the ones that complained about the cost of the war in the first place (and who voted against the funding; could be Democrats).

PS. Here is a rebuttal of Alterman’s “Cost Of War” estimate.

PPS. If you can be happy with the way Saddam ran Iraq, why can’t you be happy with the way Bush runs this country? You percieve it to be roughly the same. Both torture, rig elections, invades countries without provication…. I’m just asking.

2 Comments to “Another Dense Idiotic Statement for 2006”

  1. By Hollywood, January 19, 2006 @ 11:49 pm

    I was saying the same thing just earlier today. Bush is no better than Saddam and that’s not saying much. They’re all criminals.

  2. By VinceTN, January 22, 2006 @ 9:22 am

    Its not what you do that concerns the Left, its WHO YOU ARE that matters. If you are on the correct side there is no sin you can commit. If you are on America’s side, there is no virtue you can ever attain.

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