More On Palin – Conservatives Play The Victim Card…. For Ratings.

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On many conservative blogs, you’ll read something like this:

The amount of vitriol and harassment Sarah Palin has endured following November as a losing prez or VP candidate is no doubt unprecedented in American history.

Uhm, someone doesn’t know much about the revolutionary period. Please read up on the history of John Adams vs. Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr vs Madison vs John Marshall. Then read up on the alien and sedition acts. Then read up on the Jacksonian period of politics, then read about some of the slander aimed at Abe Lincoln early in his career (though that wasn’t too bad). Revolutionary war hero and Washington Aid de Camp Hamilton had it much much much much worse than Palin. He was slandered to the point where he couldn’t even run for dog catcher!

One blogger said about me:

>What you’re trying to do is make up excuses for why you won’t condemn those who attacked Palin.

I don’t condemn those who attacked the Palin because I don’t care about those who say idiotic things about the Palins. The valid stuff stands on its own, the dumb stuff reveals itself as dumb. I mean really, Sullivan exhibits a terrible whole in his psyche every time he brings up the Trig thing. It only makes him look bad, not Sarah Palin. I didn’t need anyone to point out how slanted the Gibson interview was. And if you would have read my blog during the election season, you would have seen I was one of the few here on GP who pointed out how that interview was edited to make her responses look even worse. I have a degree in video editing and those kind of dirty tricks are a no-no in my book, no matter who does it. That said, her performance was bad on it’s own accord.

On the legal stuff. As I said before, Palin doesn’t need my help against those legal inquiries, as she’s defended herself quite nicely on her own. My general rule of blogging about legal issues is that I am not in the jury box, and don’t know all the facts. I generally defer law stuff to thoughtful lawyers like Eugene Volokh and Dale Carpenter.

And Letterman? You know, maybe if you didn’t go on the defensive every time some said something idiotic about the Palins, maybe it wouldn’t get as much press.

“One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez,”

Yes, the joke was poor. But come on. He’s a comedian. “Oh no, a comedian make a bad joke about Bristol Palin!” Yes, the joke was about Bristol. Do you really believe that whoever writes jokes for any of the late night shows bothered to check on details of exactly who in the Palin family was going to be at the game? Come on, they’re comedy writers, most of whom just don’t work that hard. They just don’t care. They simply take the headlines and try to make them funny (and more often than not fail).
Here’s the typical headline:

“Sarah Palin hits New York City, joins Rudy Giuliani for Yankees game”

No mention of Willow.

Here’s the Huff Post. Again, no mention of Willow.

The only story that even mentions Willow during this period is found on Politico. And it doesn’t mention anything about the Palins going to a Yankees game. I’ll bet you twenty bucks the Letterman staff writers don’t read that newsblog anyway.

The joke only became about Willow after Rush and Hannity twisted the meaning of the joke from one about Palin’s obviously sexually active daughter to one about the 14 year old. There is absolutely NO HINT of rape in the joke as is. That was a Rush invention. The poor joke would have slid right on by had the conservative commentators stoked the fires (which is why I’m not a big fan of what conservative media has become). In fact Palin was making a good transition back to the semi-private life of a small state governor until Rush make this into a ratings bonanza by distorting the joke. He’s and his ilk are just as responsible for Sarah’s publicity problem as Letterman. Will someone who is outraged by the explainable Letterman error PLEASE explain how SNL did the “Todd Palin Has Insect With His Daughters” skit, yet somehow Palin (and most conservatives) not only ignored the outrageous content of that skit, but also appear on the show in person a few weeks later. I’ll tell you how. It slipped by Rush’s attention. Bet the Palins knew about it, and didn’t care. It’s Saturday Night Live. They do that sort of thing. This “controversial” Letterman joke outrage was completely manufactured, and conservatives seeking pity for Sarah, or in the case of conservative talk circuit seeking ratings, milked it for all it’s worth, at the expense of Sarah Palin.

More conservative bloggy wisdom:

The fact that she would have to withdraw to protect her family, the members of which have done nothing wrong, is nothing less than a core threat to our democracy. Do you believe that people should be forced out of politics by relentless and hateful attacks on their family?

She… Was…. Not…. Forced…. Out! She was not impeached. She decided to quit. And again, i ask, how is quitting the Governorship going to stop people from making fun of her and her family? By now being able to threatening to sue everybody? Did the Clinton’s curl up in disdain every time someone made fun of Hilary’s pant suits, or when people made fun of Chelsae’s looks?

Another meme:

We live in a very sick, depraved era. Even a few years ago, attacking a politician’s kids was beyond the pale.

Please, what a freaking myth. Where was this concern when Rush called Chelsea Clinton a dog, ugly, or pot head? And don’t say he didn’t say it. I’ve listened to his show since 94 and heard the comments first hand. The adoration the Kenedy kids got ruined it for everybody. That is the exception, not the rule. This kind of petty meanness is unfortunately part of the political process when you have a free press. It comes from both sides of the political fence. You’re old enough to recall Carter’s daughter being play in a not too flattering fashion by Lorraine Newman on SNL in the day.

So anyway, now the GOP has sunk to the level of playing the victim card. Great. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

PS. Much of this is borrowed from my friends at Gay Patriot.

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