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Two links I find of interest:

Billy Harvey
Mayor Jerry Brown

Maybe I’m being a bit anal-retentive, but I WANT to make it a Sonicfrog Blog policy to link to other blog and web sites only after I get approval from the author or web master. The great musician Billy Harvey gave his approval to link to His web site. It’s quite fun, but may not work well if you are still using a modem to connect to the internet. Mayor J. B. has not yet responded, but he is running a city after all. I’m not sure if he will respond to my request, but I will check my e-mail with baited breath. is the family site (Me, Mate and Miss Bird) and I grant executive privileged. I play bass and wear funny hats for Chris Plays Guitar so I’ve eared the rights to show us off. Corey at OPIEblue has kindly given his permission to link to his blog, and I thank him for that. He has the cutest little Boston Terrier puppy named Bug. There are more sites I want to link to, but will wait until I get approval, that is until I become too complacent and ignore my own rules. You know, like not tasting the desert before dinner, or not having sex on the first date. Thank God I don’t date anymore. That’s one rule I don’t have to worry about.

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