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The Car is working good. No more overheating on Grapevines, no more taching 4000 RPM’s at 70 mph, and no more getting a sucky 19 MPG. The crappy 3 speed automatic tranny is now sitting on my garage floor. It’s lighter by 100 lbs at least, and is getting about 24 on the highway. It handles better with the Full Time 4 Wheel Drive tranny delivering power to all 4’s. The acceleration is still a bit choppy at times and there’s a slight knock in cylinder # 3. I may have done some damage to one of the main bearings the last time it overheated. Even so, it’s quite a fun car to drive. Very perky and nimble. Can’t waite to get ‘er in the snow. And if the engine problems get bad, well, I’ll just throw a new one in it and that will be that. Did I mention I can’t waite for the snow?

The Career change is on track, if going slower than I’ld like. I’m waiting for Fresno Unified to start calling. I bought some nice slacks this weekend, so clothing wise, I am be ready to be My Sub!

Politics??? I re-registered to vote, left the sad excuse of the Republican party, and am once again a card carrying Libertarian. All I need now is the card to come in the mail.

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  1. By Scootmaroo, October 23, 2006 @ 5:44 pm

    Wear at tie. At least for the first week. Then nice slacks and a Hawaiian shirt will suffice…..unless Fresno United has a strict teacher dress code.

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