Climate Science Defense = Ad Hom Central

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Jeff Id is taking notes.

This has really ticked me off! It’s everyone else’s  fault that your science is so screwed up!

When you can’t defend you actions, attack your enemies. When you can’t defend your scientific practices, attack your enemies. And of course, the pathetic lazy main stream media is all too happy to follow along. Note that in this article, they imply Steve McIntyre, the guy in the picture,  is one of the Exxon Six!  (OK, I made up the name, but it sounds cool), yet never connect him to anything.  He, in fact, is quite independent and does his own research. He doesn’t take talking points from anyone!   You know, the libel laws are much different in England than they are in the states.  Steve McIntyre could, under their rules, probably sue the paper for this.

Do you wonder why your media is dying! Idiots!

PS: Where the HELL is my Exxon money!!!

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  • GayPatriot » If global warming science is settled, why resort to ad hominem? — July 31, 2010 @ 12:00 am

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