Democrats, Feinstein, Screw The West Valley Again… And The Media Screws Up Again!

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This really pisses me off, yet, why am I not surprised.

A few weeks ago California Senator Dianne Feinstein had promised to place a rider in the jobs bill that would guarantee a 40 % allotment of water deliveries to the San Joaquin valley farmers from the Sacramento Delta. I have since been keeping an eye out for movement on this action, and had seen nothing. Now we know why. This week-end she dropped the guise of pretending to care about valley farmers and field hands that so desperately need more water to grow our food..

State and federal water regulators agreed Friday to open the spigots a bit more on account of all the recent rain and snow, prompting Sen. Dianne Feinstein to drop her threat to bypass the Endangered Species Act to get farmers more water.

The announcements from Sacramento and Washington offered some relief to Central Valley farmers and ration-weary homeowners, but happy times for the tenders of hay fields and hot tubs are still a long way off, according to water regulators.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will be giving farmers south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 30 percent of the water they requested. That’s compared with 10 percent in 2009, when many fields were left fallow. The percentage could rise to 40 percent, analysts said, as water is purchased from other sources.

The California Department of Water Resources raised its allotment to 15 percent of the water requested by water agencies representing some 25 million residents. That’s up from the 5 percent originally proposed – but it is comparable to the amount of water allocated at this time last year.

“Valley farmers have suffered tremendously during California’s three-year drought,” U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said in a statement. “The department has identified actions that will provide additional water on top of what an average water year would deliver.”

The announcements came a day after federal officials predicted a huge increase in the number of salmon in the Sacramento River system despite a record low number last year, opening the possibility of a fishing season. The salmon season had been canceled for the past two years because of low numbers of spawning fish.

You may be thinking, “Hey, you’re getting 25 %, more than last year. Why are you so glum and pissy?”. Because the promise of 30 or 40 percent depends on many caveats. At this point, we are still only getting 5 % of the normal water allotment.

Well, how can that be. There is plenty of water. We are way above our yearly water storage in the Sierra Nevada’s for the year:

The water content of the California snowpack is currently above average for this time of year, especially in the northern Sierra, which is 121 percent of normal. That’s important because rain and snow runoff in the northern Sierra feeds the state’s largest reservoir, Shasta Lake, which, at its current 72 percent capacity, is at 98 percent of average for this date.

The northern snowpack feeds the delta. The Feinstein amendment would have guaranteed the 40%. Yet we may, may get only 30%. Well, that sounds crazy. That’s not what we’re reading in the papers, such as the one that I linked to above. Well, you’re not reading it in the papers because they don’t know how to report, how to be a journalist anymore! Don’t believe me. How about two other embattled Democrats from California:

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressmen Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa issued the following statement regarding the Interior Department´s announcement on agricultural water allocations from the federal Central Valley Project:

In announcing this year´s allocation, the Interior Department said it will obtain an additional 8 to 10 percent of water through various actions that have yet to be taken. The Interior Department stated that it was optimistic that the allocations would increase even further, assuming normal weather conditions, and could [could] provide up to a 40-percent allocation.

“I too am hopeful that it will keep raining,” said Cardoza. “However, our farmers need to make planting decisions today, not in May or June. They cannot take 5-percent to the bank and expect to receive financing to plant their crops…”

Yes, you read that right. We are still allocated ONLY FIVE PERCENT! And we only get more if it keeps raining. So, instead of know how much water they are minimally going to get, valley farmers and residence devastated by the government’s hoarding of water will be left to rain dances and hope that they work. Just like the stock market, uncertainty works against all businesses too.

“The Department believes their hands are tied … as we have long said, that is what happens when biological opinions are not based on sound science and are instead based on laws that put fish above farmers and farm workers.”

Said Congressman Costa: “I recognize the continuing efforts of Secretary Salazar and his team in addressing the ongoing drought. However, the fact remains that you can´t take a press release to the bank for a loan to start planting crops. This is the problem facing our farmers right now. If the weather cooperates, the possible 40 percent water supply allocation is good news. The big “if” is whether or not the Department of Interior will do everything in their power to provide it.”


“Secretary Salazar must recognize that the increase in water supply is worthless if our farmers receive it months from now,” said Costa. “As we speak, farmers are putting plans together for this upcoming growing season. Further delays are unacceptable and will keep our farmers from doing what they do best: putting food on America´s tables and creating jobs for some of the hardest working people in the country,” said Costa.”

Keep in mind that the planting season for many crops, such as tomatoes, is NOW. If farmers can’t be sure if they’ll have the water to produce a profitable crop, they won’t plant and instead sell their water allotment to another farmer, or to a local municipality…. Oh, they may not be able to do that either, if another Democrat has his way!

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