For Those Who Insist That Government Is Not Too Intrusive….

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On a tip from Ann Althouse:

A recent case reported by the New York Law Journal upholds charges against helium balloon sellers for “unlawfully possessing or selling noxious material” on the grounds that helium is a “noxious substance.” Apparently, the arresting police saw two men filling balloons and selling them to customers who then inhaled the gas. Surely, the cops must have thought the balloons were filled with nitrous oxide; not even former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani would have sicced the cops on helium balloon sellers (Guiliani tried to get the NYPD to ticket jaywalkers, but they refused). However, the case got started, and now it’s established: You can face criminal charges in New York for selling helium balloons.

See full article from the DailyFinance

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