White Shirt / Black Shirt – The Unscientific Survey

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In the heat of summer…. as in now… which is better to wear for outside activities?

Note. I own and run my own pool service and spa repair company and work outdoors. When I would see someone walking around in a black shirt in the hight of summer here in Fresno (many days are 100 +) I thought they were crazy. But, me being me, I decided to see just how crazy they are, and started wearing black tee shirts out in the hot sumer sun while I’m working. Wouldn’t you know it, I swear they actually keep me cooler than white ones do!    Those ninjas are really on to something!!!!  

Next phase of the experiment – to cut a black and a white shirt in half, sew the black and white halves together, and see / feel which side keeps me cooler.

Stay tuned!

2 Comments to “White Shirt / Black Shirt – The Unscientific Survey”

  1. By Tweed, July 2, 2010 @ 4:08 pm

    I wear black shirts because 1) they don’t show pit stains. 2) the best rock’n’roll images come on black shirts. 3) black goes with everything.

    Oh, and I didn’t see you at the RUSH movie at tower theater. Don’t tell me you missed it?!?

  2. By sonicfrog, July 3, 2010 @ 7:00 am

    Yes, I missed it. Heard they played it the day after. I was not pleased!

    The new Stu Search has begun.

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