Nipping A Meme In The Bud – The Iraq War Cost $3 Trillion Dollars (and yes, I am saying that in my mind like Dr. Evil and I have my pinky at my cheek)

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Mark Tapscott gives us the heads-up that some in the Democratic circle are proclaiming that the Iraq war has cost $3 trilion dollars. The CBO, you know, those guys that actually account for all congressional expenditures, shows the cost at about $709 billion, a wee bit short of the $3 trillion mark.

Here’s a CBO chart of the expenses in terms of the deficit. Note that since Obama has taken office the deficits have risen sharply.

cbo deficit

In case you want to check for yourself (which I always recommend), the CBO numbers are found on pages 14 and 15 of the official Budgetary Summary PDF, which starts on page 32 of my PDF viewer.

Note: There are certainly other undocumentable costs of being at war, and I personally want to see our folly end ASAP. But don’t be stupid and try and use figures that are totally erroneous and made up and off the mark by a factor of 300% –  In layman terms, and to  the IRS (unless you’re Tim Geitner),  that’s known as lying.

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