Spider's Are Not Technically Bugs…

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… but I am going to San Diego tomorrow for a gig and spiders are close enough to being bugs so now I won’t have to post a bug picture to let you know I’m going down to San Diego – this will cover it.


[youtube sHzdsFiBbFc]

OK! I spent way too much time trying to get this video plug-in to work. This is a feature I have wanted to add to my blog for a long time, but like posting new material lately, I just had not found the drive to tackle it. Well now I have! And speaking of posting new stuff, there has been a lot going on in my life and in the world lately (school just started and already subbing, rebuilding the Sonicfrog MySpace site from ground up to include music, joined new band for third time this year, bought Toyota Tercel to fix and resell, finally recording solo songs, think Hilary is going to win – screwing up my prediction of an Al Gore presidency, etc., etc.) but, like I said, I’ve just had no motivation to sit down and write. But now that I have the video feature installed, I will be posting a bunch of clips of Miss Bird, Judy, and a Mockingbird harassing a cat, plus other fun brick-a-brack I come across on the web. Meanwhile, just to show you how badly I could have screwed up my blog, if you’ll look at the top of the blog title (where it says “Sonicfrog”) you’ll see some gibberish that wasn’t there yesterday. By adding that, it was supposed to make the video player work… but it seems to have done nothing except add some gibberish to the top of my web page. I’m just glad I didn’t break anythi
tolen from: Tweed!

PS. The Crowded House concert was fantastic. As a special treat, Neil Finn’s son, Liam, is following in his dad’s footsteps and was the opening act for the show. Sound much like his dad voice, but not so close musically that he sounds like a carbon copy e.g. Julian Lennon’s early stuff. He’s a one man show. Not only did he open for dad, but he also sits in as a guest member of CH.Quite the performer he’s grown into. The last time I saw Li’l Liam perform was ten years ago – he could hardly hold a guitar. Now he’s all big and grown up, taller than Daddy Finn, and has the most scraggly beard I’ve seen on stage since the one I tried to grow some twenty years ago…


OK, I take that back. First, I don’t think that so called beard of mine was ever seen on stage. Hell, it should never have been seen in public (that’s my mom in the background trying to keep me from going outside and embarrassing the entire family). Second, up close Liam’s beard is MUCH MUCH better than mine was, though in my defense I think I was a bit younger than he is now. But yes, that is the best I could do at the time. Are you happy now, Johnny!!!

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