F.G.S.F.O.Y. # 4

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There were two basic waves of music in the early 80’s. There was glam / metal, such as Ratt and Motley Crue, and there was New Wave, the Human League or B-52’s, or even U2. Musicians, at least the ones I knew, tended to fall into the glam camp, as the perception was that the musicianship in the former was just so much better than the latter. Or, to put it bluntly, the New Wavers were pussys! Here in the states, New Wave was considered watered-down punk, which, with the exception of the Ramones, didn’t get much respect to begin with. Of course being older, and wiser, we find that we over looked some pretty spectacular New Wave talents, if we just would have paid attention – Thomas Dolby, Elvis Costello, the Dave Stewarts (one from the Eurythmics, and one an avant guard keyboard player and contemporary of TD) Elliot Eason of the Cars, etc. etc. One New Wave artist we didn’t overlook was Billy Idol! How could you! The guy was everywhere! With the release of his first album, which featured “Dancing With Myself”, and the strange and dark “White Wedding” he had firmly established himself as a New Waver. But he was different. There was an edge to this guy! And his guitar player sounded pretty cool….

And then he released the “Rebel Yell” album and self titled single…. Holy Crap! This Guy’s a ROCKER! And then, in an instant, everyone seemed to know the name of the guitarist too! Steve Stevens blew the doors off the expectations of what a New Wave musician was! Idol and Stevens bridged the gap between Glam and New Wave. Here is “Rebel Yell” in all its glory.

PS. I always found the video annoying. It’s as if the execs at the record company had someone throw something together in a hurry and at minimal cost. It shows. I mean, come on! Where are the zombies or floating heads?????

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