Kyoto Treaty Success In Europe? Nope! Just More Enron Type Fraud!

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

We skeptics were right!

Worse yet for the Greens, this means that George W Bush, often referred to by libs as a dummy, was smarter than them and refused to sign on. Good show!

…a couple of recent studies now seem to show that Kyoto was as big a fraud as the most militant enviro-skeptics ever suspected. And it looks as if the 95 American senators were 100 percent right: the much heralded Protocol was a singularly stupid piece of counterproductive social engineering that encouraged the migration of good jobs to China and other low wage countries — without helping the environment at all.

The left leaning Guardian newspaper in Britain let the cat out of the bag yesterday, reporting that while the EU’s emission of CO2 declined by 17% between 1990 and 2010, this apparent progress was bogus. If you add up the CO2 released by the goods and services Europeans consumed, as opposed to the CO2 thrown off by the goods and services they produced, the EU was responsible for 40% more CO2 in 2010 than in 1990. The EU, as the Guardian puts it, has been outsourcing pollution — and jobs — rather than cutting back on greenhouse gasses.

So the 1995 Senate, the one that Al Gore presided over, saw right through this dren and shot it down with a 95% vote count. But this was a time when you were still allowed to vote against your party. Obama has not come close to that kind of bi-partisan unity in his first two years.

(Note – there is another skpetic article I want to post, but I have to find it and don’t have time. will post later)

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