A Political Quizzie.

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Compliments of Citizen Deux, though he FORGOT to provide a link!

Here is list of candidates, ranked in order of those who’s views and political positions most closely match mine.

I am a Moderate Libertarian, which is a bit more moderate than I was in college when I took a similar test some fifteen years ago (I leaned toward Conservative Libertarian then).

PS. I wasn’t very fond of the wording and explanation of the questions in this survey, but I guess I’m not the average person and am more picky when it comes to those sort of things. What can you do.

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  1. By Tweed, December 31, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

    So, since we were talking about this yesterday, I took the quiz…..

    Your political philosophy is
    Hard-Core Libertarian.


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