Welcome To The Eco-Fascist State Of California

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If anyone doubts that liberal politicians are actively usurping the rights of citizen through the guise environmental concerns…  Well, chew on this!

CARB is actively considering:

…a proposed regulation which would prohibit dishonest statements or submittals offered to the Board or to its staff.

Guess who gets to determine the “dishonesty” of a “statement or submittal” to CARB?

Of course, it’s OK if CARB makes a 340% error of their own while using false data to impose their will on the people of California. And of course it’s OK to publicly flaunt the ugly hubris of the CARB boss Mary Nichols rubbing her glee in the face of the citizens of California that voted for Prop 23. And of course it’s OK to simply demote a CARB “scientist” who lied about his PhD degree obtained from a UPS store rather than fire his fraudulent bureaucratic butt and then stage a cover up about it.  But, when a citizen submits some data or opinion to CARB that they may later find questionable? Well,that’s a whole different matter.

What a bunch of self serving, holier than thou, public sector putzes!

Evidently CARB is contemplating a regulation that would enable penalties for what would be judged “dishonest statements or submittals” provided to it or “staff.”  I think one can safely assume that it is aimed at curtailing challenges to CARB’s agenda that are based on alternative scientific information and interpretations.

You simply have to read it to believe it. If I didn’t have to stay in this state, I would have gone back to Dallas years ago.

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