Harry Reid – The Riverboat Gambler UPDATE:

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UPDATE: They did it! They repealed DADT! This post is harsh on Reid, but he did the right thing and didn’t let political showmanship get in the way. I express my gratitude to Ried doing the right thing.


Reid is a gambling man. As many of you know, he and the congress chose not to pass a legislative budget this year for political purposes. You see, the budget would have been massive, and by not allocating money for the next year before the elections, a very unusual move, he was able to deny the Republican yet another example to show just how out of control spending is with the Democrats in charge. The trade off was that, if the Dems did poorly in the elections, they would have a harder time funding their top priorities and pet projects.

Reid took the gamble… and he lost.

The budget he tried to pass this week, at 1.3 trillion, was indeed a monstrosity. He not only got clobbered by the size of it, but his failure to get it through made the Democrats look like losers (yet again). By taking this gamble and postponing the budget until after the elections, he and the current congress, who would have been the arbiters of where the spending priorities went and who got the goodies, surrendered the whole shebang to next years Republican congress, and also left the government on the verge of yet another shut-down, for which the Democrat party and politicians in charge will get the blame. Hope you’re happy.

At the same time, Reid has been playing procedural games with the repeal of DADT, for which he has been rightly criticized. Well, it looks like we’re about to see at least one more act of gamesmanship from Reid before he’s through. There are two vote scheduled for a vote in the Senate on Saturday. One one vote, the repeal of DADT, it certainly looks like there are enough Republican crossover votes for that outdated and useless military ordinance to finally get throw into the dustbin of history where it belongs. We are just learning another vote is schedule to occur tomorrow – a vote on the Dream Act. There is no Republican support for that at all. Twenty to one Reid will tie the vote for the two together, which will all but guarantee that repeal of DADT fails and that onerous policy stays in place. Why would Reid do this? Simply to be able to exclaim that it’s the Republicans fault that DADT was not repealed. Yes, he’s just that partisan.

I hope I’m wrong on this one, but given the pattern of manipulation by Reid in the past, i would be surprised if he didn’t take this route.

Please Senator Reid. Prove me wrong.

PS. My take on the DREAM ACT? DREAM, if I understand it correctly, is an attempt to come to grips with the problem of kids who were brought to this country illegally when they were very young. I have great sympathy for these kids. They didn’t willingly come here of their own free will, but were brought here by their parents, and thus can hardly be held responsible for their illegal status. So many have lived here in the United States almost all their lives and know no other home than this country, They have no connection to Mexico what-so-ever, yet some monsters want to deport them anyway (Tom Tancrado, I’m looking your way). That said, I don’t support the DREAM ACT. Why? Because I don’t like the stipulation that would require these kids either obtain a college degree, or serve in the military as a requirement to get amnesty and become a legal citizen of the Unites States. Why should they have to fulfill either of these options, when other immigrants who actually choose to come here don’t? Plus, as it stands now, assuming that Harry Reid will find a way to screw things up, any of these kids who are gay don’t have the option of serving in the military anyway.

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