He Just Made Me Laugh So Hard, Milk Came Out My Nose!!!

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Tom Delay just said this about John McCain on Brit Hume’s show:

John McCain has done more to undermine the Republican leadership in Congress and the Republican party than any one I know…

Tom Delay, Tom Delay… That name rings a bell. Oh Yeah, now I remember! Isn’t he the disgraced former Republican House Majority Leader who is currently facing charges of money laundering and conspiracy to engage in money laundering, and who, under his leadership, brought a 850% increase in earmarks? Me thinks Tom Delay may need to have a looksie in the mirror before he talks about someone undermining the Republican party.

PS. The fact that Mr. Earmarks hates McCain make me like him even more. Plus, during that same report, anti-earmark Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn endorsed John McCain. One of the marks against McCain is that he voted against the Bush tax cuts of 01 and 03. Coburn says McCain voted against them because both packages also included tons of extra spending. Club for Growth’s evaluation doesn’t mention this reason for voting against the tax cuts, noting instead that McCain dissed the cuts as give-aways to the wealthy (note that hey do commend McCain for his fiscal frugality). Between the two, I trust Coburn more. He has less of an agenda than CFG.

PPS. I have heard him interviewed on Hannity’s show, and I’m pretty sure he was interviewed on Rush’s too. Someone please explain to me, giving he’s still under indictment, why for some conservative talking heads consider Tom Delay a good interview.

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