Question Of The Day – “Does It?”

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Read this article about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s behind the scenes dealings with Feisal Abdul Rauf and the planners of the “Ground Zero” mosque. It ends like this:

It seems that these emails show more than the usual amount of support coming from the mayor’s office.

What’s missing from this article??? Showing that everything that is documented IS “more than the usual amount of support” for a project. It might be, but there is no baseline established to what is “normal”. Knowing New York politics, I suspect this is actually less than normal.

Still, if the Rush / Hannity / Savage / Beck crowd doesn’t run with this flawed piece of propaganda, I will be shocked!

PS. For those who come here and instinctively want to slander me as a liberal, I’m not (just ask my bleeding heart liberal little brother who labels me as a Conservative wing-nut). I just hate really crappy journalism.

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