This Just Has To Stop.

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People have got to stop referring to women who plan to vote for Hillary solely on the basis that she is a women – as women who will be voting with their vagina’s. It can’t be done! I mean, can a woman generate enough grip in her nether-region to be able to hold a hole punch, let alone use it to punch through effectively? We absolutely do not want to deal with any hanging chads during this election. Don’t even get me started with the butterfly ballot / mirror jokes. If a woman is a really, really good dancer, she might, maybe, be able to get through a write-in ballot, but I doubt the writing would be legible. What if it’s a touch screen… Eew!!! The imagery grosses me out. I’m to the point where I plan on bringing rubber gloves to my poling place. And if a woman steps out of the voting booth I’m about to use, I’m letting the person in back of me go first.

Oh, and guys, if you plan on voting for Obama or McCain with your penises – forget it. Right off the bat, the write-in ballot would be impossible. Due to the pressure needed to properly use a pen, women have the advantage here as we would have to stand on our hands and hope the Viagra kicks in. And I don’t envy the man capable of properly maneuvering the hole punch ballot. Now, we may be able to get through a touch screen machine, but depending on the height of the screen, many of us might need something to stand on…

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  1. By Johnny, March 26, 2008 @ 1:54 pm

    Anybody who votes for Obama just because he’s black, or Hilary solely because she’s a woman needs to be punched in the throat, branded with a scarlet I for idiot and never allowed to vote again.

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