Meme Watch – It’s A Forgery!!!!!

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… Or something.

Andrew Sullivan asks “why wait so long“?… And then answers his own question thus:

I know it was politically savvy because, by the rules of jujitsu, Obama allowed the nutty right (is there any other variety with influence now?) to make fools of themselves.

Because, you see, Obama is the Road Runner, and all his opponents are the coyote (Meep, Meep), which of course explains why Obama’s poll numbers are so low, he’s morphing into G. W. Bush redux, and can’t seem to get much of anything right. When Sullivan became disillusioned with the war, he simply couldn’t understand why so many others didn’t follow his lead and still stuck with Bush. Strange, after everything that has happened, botched health care reform, botched stimulus, botched cash for clunkers, botched Gitmo policy, botched 2010 elections, botched and incoherent Middle East policy implementation in Egypt, Lybia, and Syria, including entering yet another war of convenience, you would think that Sullivan would finally realize that Obama is more like a regular run-of-the-mil real life roadrunner than the cartoon version….

But this is what it’s like when you have some serious political blinders on.

Personally, I would have waited until the heat of the campaign. I mean, what a blown opportunity! Just think of the damage you could have inflicted if one of the GOP nutters ended up winning the nomination! I mean, you could have done the whole Rick Lazio to Hillary Clinton thing and walked right up to the opponents pudium and… FACE… Here is the long form!!!! You Just Got PWND!!!!

Oh well.

But, on the bright side, now we get to see the idiots at World Net Daily squirm and slither and try and twist their way out of this one. The fools that follow WND just got seriously PWND!

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  1. By c.estep, April 27, 2011 @ 5:23 pm

    Who know the Trump had that much power to force a show of hands.

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