Great Ironies Of Life..

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Blog post originally titled “When Sour Lies Below The Sweet.”.

No, this isn’t a post about candy…. Though I should do one of those. This is one of those “Huh, go figure” revelations.

The guy who wrote the sickly syrupy 70 ballad “You Light Up My Life”, given the honor of being the # 1 song of the 70’s, committed suicide. He used an “Exit Bag”!  (more on that in a couple of minutes)

OK, that sounds really sad. It gets worse. At the age of 73, he was facing trial on 11 counts of rape! And these aren’t rapes committed 30 years ago, these are based on recent events!  According to one report:

Brooks had a penchant for hiring escorts, and neighbors said they often saw beautiful young women leaving his apartment.

OK. First….  What is it about New York City and rape being in the news so much???? Is this town suddenly the rape capital of the world or what???

No, that isn’t what I was going to point out. I got side-tracked.

First… I find it weird that a guy who seemed not to have any romantic inclination in the way he treated women could write a song that women still swoon to so many years later. To say it, flat out, that the guy who wrote “You Light Up My Life” would turn out to be a rapist is just strange to me. Then again, I’m written a song about being a murderer, and I would never murder anyone or be a murderer.. ever! (or would I)

Second….  The fact that this insipid song is remembered as “the # 1 song of the 70’s” disturbs me greatly!  It’s a wretched song… And it got a freaking Academy Award!!


 horible song

Yes, “You Light Up My Life” was a very haunting song…. In a horrible torturous way! Had to learn to play it in junior high and high school band. We always got scolded for the collective groan emitted when the director called on us to perform it. The original song was bad enough… But just try to listen to it played by 60 young musicians who have absolutely NO DESIRE to play it well! Insidiously bad!!!!!

Now, on to the “Exit Bag”! No, it’s not a colostomy or enima bag! It’s this.

Special Sonicfrog Bonus – A YouTube video on how to commit suicide using an “Exit Bag”. Now, we all have to agree that suicide is no laughing matter, and let it be known that I am a supporter of euthanasia…. But try not to laugh when watching this video on the use of the “Exit Bag”! The choice of music just floored me! Oh, and don’t worry, the video does not come to the most obvious conclusion!

PS. I have no idea what blog tag I should use for this topic. I don’t have a tag for “death”, and I’m not going to create one. Nothing I have seems to fit… I’m not using “Life”, because… er… well… I’m simply going to leave it “uncategorized”.

Hat Tip: Althouse. Some of the comments are pretty hilarious.

2 Comments to “Great Ironies Of Life..”

  1. By Jeff Alberts, May 24, 2011 @ 1:47 am

    #1 according to whom?? I spent the best of my formative years trying to AVOID hearing that piece of crap!!

  2. By el polacko, May 25, 2011 @ 5:04 am

    that song epitomized squaresville at the time…the anti-rock. but i’m older now and my new number one is the lilting melody in the exit bag video. i can’t get it out of my helium-filled head!

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