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All who know me know that I love to muck around with audio, remixing and fine tuning stuff… Sonicfrog and all that… Duh!!!! Here is and example of a recent recording we did at Pete Wolf’s studio. The song, California Blue, sounds good in original form. But, me, being me, decided to see what I could do if I tweaked things just a little.

Here is the original product off the CD.

DownloadCalifornia Blue (original)


Here’s what I did.

Though I DO have the original Pro Tools masters for each song, I don’t have Pro Tools, so I can’t get into each individual track – bass, guitar, snare, tom, Joannes VOX, my VOX, the recorder, etc. etc. – so I’m limited to the changes I can do. When I work with audio, I have long used Adobe Audition 1.5. Yes, I know this software is close to a decade old by now, but it works so damned well, I just can’t stop using it. Plus, the noise reduction is some of the cleanest out there.I mainly tweak the frequency responses with the 30 channel Graphic EQ filter, and add effects or take out noise with either a hiss or noise reduction tools.

I boosted the opening guitar bit. Some of the passages needed extra boosting, so I had to bring those up a bit more. That led to pockets of noise being amped too, so I made use of the noise reduction I was just talking about. See if you can spot it. The drums and bass were buried in the mix, so I brought up the low end to bring out the kick drum and bass, and tweaked some of the high’s to accentuate the snap on the snare (Chris Flores… You did a fine job on the skins for this cut). On my little bass fourish in the middle of the song, I added a chorus effect to bring that out a little.  Pete likes to bring the audio as close to peak levels as possible. I, on the other hand, like giving the music just a bit of breathing room. So I lowered the track about .63 dB’s. That is hardly anything at all, but it does make a difference.


Here is the final product.

DownloadCalifornia Blue (remastered)






PS. All the tracks were cut live, with most being the result of one take. The bass used on this track… the entire album… is a Dean Acoustic Playmate! Such a cool sounding thing!!!!


Acoustic Hgihway is:

Rick Calhoun – VOX, Guitar, Songwriter Extraordinaire!  (this is one of his songs)
Joanne Calhoun – VOX, Guitar, Shakers and Chimes and All That, Songwriter Extraordinaire!
Steve Kuykendal – VOX, Lead Guitar and More.
Nancy Kuykendal – VOX, Keys, Recorder, Again with the Shakers and Stuff.
Chris Flores – Drums and Percussion (also plays a mean guitar… we need to get him in on a few songs)
Mike Alexander – VOX, Bass, Goofy Hats (will play some keys, guitar, and mandolin in the near future).



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