Progress On The Solo Album

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Uhm… There hasn’t been any. 🙁

But I have good reason. Work has kept me fairly busy.

I had recorded bits and pieces of a few songs, but realized I was still a little lost on the new digital recording software I’m now using, Presonus’s Studio One. It’s not that different from the old tried and true Adode Audition 1.5 I’ve been using for the last, oh eight years, but it has a ton of features that weren’t even invented yet when AA 1.5 was new.

I have to change the crank shaft seal on one of the cars today. But after that, I think I’ve got enough of a handle on the new software to start recording.

PS. The Presonus FireStudio Project (or “precious” as the Sonic-Mate calls it given the way I fawn over it) is an awesome interface! Audio signal is vrey clean! Can’t recommend it enough!!!


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