Strat Guitar Wiring

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I’ve been having a problem with my bridge pick-up. From all appearances, it’s a Seymour Duncan Duckbuckers SDBR-1. It doesn’t make a sound when in switch position 5. I’ve had the problem before, and I’m certain it’s a wiring issue, not a dead PU. This has been a recurring problem. The last time I took the pick guard off to fix it, it started working again. I was lazy and didn’t dig into the problem further. I’m thinking the white wire from the pick-up to the 5 way switch needs to be re-soldered. It just doesn’t look like a very good solder joint. Here is the wiring as it stands pre-repair.

Yes, I’m going to clean that up a bit. I found the wiring diagram for this pick-up, and noticed a problem. The red wire from the pick-up is grounded to the volume pot, but, according to the diagram, it looks like it should be soldered onto the switch with the white wire. But the official SD diagram features different wire colors. Here’s the diagram.

Now, I work around electronics on a regular basis, so I’m fairly certain I’m right. However, I have no problem getting advise from those with more experience than I on matter of guitar repair before I make the change. After all – I’m lazy, and the last thing I want to do is have to tear into the guitar yet again because I screwed up something that was right to begin with.


PS. My strat is “vintage” Japanese mid 80’s, and has the single row switch. While I’m in here, any cheap mods I should consider???


PPS.  Here is the SD pick-up tone page, which contains audio samples of the different pick-ups. I do like mine a lot.

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