How Does It End? “Not With A Bang…”

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“… But with a Tweet!”

Wait. That’s not quite how it goes. Hopefully, somewhere in the ether, T. S. Elliot won’t mind me mangling his work. I’m not the first after all to mess with his verse.

Anyhoo.  It has come to my attention  that the latest climate extortion  conference, this time being held in the swanky confined of Durbin, South Africa,  is on the verge of falling apart without any wealth distribution accords being agreed to. This news come to us via Twitter.

Now, normally,  I hate twitter… Especially when Celebz and Politicians use it. My first instinct concerning the use of this social network, which, in light of the fact that it  only ends up getting them into trouble, is to say to them… “What Are You Thinking!”. But them, I realize, if I really wanted to know that… I’d follow them on Twitter!

In this case… Boy! I Love Twitter!


1 Comment to “How Does It End? “Not With A Bang…””

  1. By Jeff Alberts, December 11, 2011 @ 4:14 am

    no no no! It’s not a tweet, it’s a twit!

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