I Thought Only Conservatives Threatened Violence Against Their Political Enemies!

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From the comments section of FireDogLake, lamenting the latest pols that show WI Governor Scott Walker will probably survive the upcoming recall effort against him:

If you really want to blame someone, blame Feingold and/or Kohl. Walker has millions in lie-filled ads pounding the airwaves 24:7 here. In contrast you see around 1 Barrett ad per day, if that. And to be honest, Barret’s ads are terrible. Falk’s ads were even worse and she would be losing right now by double digits if she had won the nomination.

The reality of the situation is that Feingold, Kohl, and Barret’s campaign could obviously give two shits whether or not Walker loses, and it shows.

Oh, and after we find out that the turnout for the 18-29 demographic is around 20% you can blame them too.

Elections are not the answer. We are just going to have to find other ways to enact “recalls

Huh… Wonder what the writer of the comment means by that????


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