Crony Journalism At It’s Best… Er Worst.

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Funny, on the same day Barrack Obama, the guy who deported more aliens of illegal entry (is that PC enough) per month than his EVIL predecessor ever did, suddenly and suspiciously changes this policy right in the grips of a very tight general election contest… Huf-Po blogger Geoffrey Dunn – on that very day, long after all this other news had been circulating in the headlines – courageously exposes the already known fact that an ex politician who is currently not a candidate for the Presidency or anything else for that matter, while governor, made backroom deals to secure legislation….


I mean, really. I’m bowled over!

I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin by any stretch of the imagination, but really? How significant is she any more, versus the wheeling and dealing of a sitting President? If governance is like making sausage, then Palin’s meats have long become rotted and worm food. Ew. Some of the President’s meaty concoctions are still quite fresh. Why not write about that? Would Geoffrey Dunn have written the same article with the same derogatory slant if were about President Obama’s back room deals on the ACA or other legislation he’s signed in his 3 1/2 years in office? Saving General Motors then implementing the clumbsy Cash for Clunkers program? Solyndra? Would love to see some of the notes and visitors to the White House who had anything to do with the various high speed rail projects the Federal Government under Democrat rule were so eager to pressure the states to build.

Oh…. And the author, trying to defend against the charges of “crony capitalism on steroids” against Obama, shows that Sarah Palin is herself a serial crony capitalist, gives us how many examples of Sarah Palin’s crony capitalism???

Yep. One. That spells journalism FAIL in my book.

PS. One more thing. I wonder why Dunn didn’t go after Mit Romney for also making the “crony capitalism on steroids” remark. After all, he echo’s it in several speeches, and, unlike Palin, he IS running for the Presidency. Could it be that Romney’s biggest accomplishment while Governor of Massachusetts was, as luck would have it, healthcare reform, and to point to any crony capitalism involved with that deal might just look a little too uncomfortably familiar????

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