Health Care Hysterics!

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Oh God… This is SOOOO fun!!!

Conservatives are PISSED.

They lost!

Before I get into the juicy bits, let me clarify where I stand on all this. To be honest, I lost too, because I didn’t think the mandate… er… tax, was going to be rule constitutional. I was wrong. But I don’t mind being wrong. It happens.


For the juicy bits!

Here is the new united Conservative position as it is emerging.

Obama LIED!!!!! It IS a tax! Not a mandate! He lied to get what he wanted!!!!


His predecessors administration used false intel to justify invading Iraq.

Funny how lying and deceiving to get what you want only matters when the other side does it!

Note that I didn’t say “Bush lied” or call Bush a liar. It’s always been my contention that he truly believed Iraq did indeed have WMD’s, and that led him to believe without question evidence that should have been questioned. But that is another topic for another day.

Here’s the bottom line – politicians lie to get what they want.




Which one of these two will have cost more lives and national treasure after a ten year period?

Despite the silly “death panel” charges, the ACA, despite it’s still remaining flaws, will no doubt save more than a few lives, and, unlike the Iraq occupation, lead to few if any being lost. And remember, the money redistribution as a result of the healthcare bill, unlike so much of the funds that disappeared in Iraq, will stay at home and recirculate in our economy.


PS.  This is some great meta-analysis form David Bernstein.

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