Life… As A Passenger

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Yesterday was such a hard day at work. Everything went wrong in some quirky twisted way…. I just got fed up and told my boss I quit!


Of course, I am my boss and I pretty much quit every day. Such is  life when you run a sole proprietor business. My boss is a jerk, a cheap tightwad who never gives raises, and my employee is a lazy good fer nothing! And lately I’ve had little time or inclination to do much in the way of blogging. Life bas been insanely busy.

But that is all behind me now.  I’m taking a break and rolling down the tracks. When I get there to the place I’m heading, I’ll post some pictures, and maybe I’ll stop being so cryptic.


Then again…….


PS. I do have plenty of pictures to go with my adventure, but I’ve yet to download the proper so that makes it easy to post those directly from my phone. I’ll get to it.


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