Snow Fall! Journalism Success… And Fail!

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Here is the latest web offering from the New York Times. It’s being touted as the future of web content, and will supplant blogs and newspapers as our source for information.

Layout wise, it is impressive. But are they expecting us to want to read, or, for those of us wading in the blog-pool, produce, a story or narrative on this scale? For most of us bloggers, it’s like asking a guy with a 16mm movie camera and no budget to go out there and make a Ken Burns Documentary, or, if the next one is even slicker, The Hobbit!

They don’t get it at all. The reason we like blogs is that there isn’t all the huge production and links to all sorts of sidebars to the story, we like focusing on the main points without too many distractions. Coincidentally, that is why newspapers worked for so long. You read what you wanted, and skipped what you didn’t. Within an instant, you can turn to the comics if the news of the day is not to your liking. The best blogs also work in this manner.

Yes, Snow Fall is an impressive technical piece of work. But I got bored with it very quickly and moved on to something else.

Another critique here.

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