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Remember this guy?

If you recall, after this went viral, Ted Williams was quickly hired by a media firm, and then, just as quickly, got into trouble due to an immediate relapse. For a while, it certainly looked like he was not going to make it.

I’m very happy to see that, after the shock of the sudden fame and the pressures that must have fallen on his shoulders, Mr Williams has found the balance in his life to stay sober and utilize his talents, and finally found the success we hoped he would.

And he’s giving back too. He’s formed a charity to help those who are in the same situation he was.

I’ve not had to deal with addiction myself, and don’t know first hand what it’s like to try and wrestle your life from the grips of addiction. Unfortunately though, I know of too many friends and relatives who have. And some have died from it. Maybe my fight against myself, punishing myself for being gay, trying to force myself to have straight feelings and attractions, and dealing with the stigma that existed in the 80’s is similar, but I doubt it. That’s a different type of personal torture I imagine.

We live in a throw-away society, and, unfortunately, we do the same for people that we do for our belongings. If they are not “useful” to us, we throw them to the curb, sometimes literally. I’m very happy that Mr Williams is on a good road. Nice to see good news break out of the usual insane asylum styled stuff we’re typically offered.

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