Guitaring Update.

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I’m learning a couple of songs… OK, relearning one of them. I have been doing a very simple version of Crowded Houses “Don’t Dream It’s Over” fairly well. A month ago I stumbled upon this vid of My Finn and friends playing the song with a more complicated strumming pattern. I knew there and then that I had to learn this version.

As I was mucking around on the guitar yesterday, I found that I was pretty close to having it down. My right hand still has a couple of hiccups and hesitations on this strumming pattern, but it’s almost there.

The more difficult song I’ve decided to learn is this Paul Simon gem.

It’s getting there, but, as I’ve just started to concentrate on the art of fingerpicking, this one is definitely going to take some time to get down.

Meanwhile, I played at Audies last night with my trio Laurel Canyon. When I got home from Washington on Wednesday, I was already feeling like something was germing me in a bad way. It didn’t disappoint. I felt like total crap the next two days. The big concern was that LC had a gig, the one we played last night, and this bug killed my voice! Even as of yesterday, I still had that very distinct “crud-voice” you get when you’re sick.

Fast forward to last night. My voice made it most of the way. A bit shaky at times. Have to work on “Loves Me Like A Rock” on guitar. Made too many mistakes. But pulled a killer bass solo on “Wooden Ships”. Maybe the best I’ve ever done! Hope we have some video of it.

I also played at Sequoia North with Acoustic Highway… No, that would be Mr fantasy a couple of weeks ago (this venue had not booked us in four years as Ac Hi, when we changed the name to “Mr Fantasy” they booked us right away). While we were there, we met and befriended a couple that was going to get married in a week. They really are an awesome couple, and they inspired me to write a song for them. That got delayed when I had to fly out to Washington to help my mom recover from a nasty fall. Now that I’m back and feeling better, I’m going to be able to finish that song in the next day or two.

Stay tuned.

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