Words Fail….. More Evidence That The GOP Has Gone Nuts

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This article SHOULD show how building a fence to stop illegal immigration is a hopelessly flawed idea.

Instead… Well… I think it’s supposed to show that McCain and Schumer are letting illegals into the country…. Or something. Idunno.

The comments are priceless! Here’s one:

“And the son-of-a-bitch did nothing to stop it?! Yet, he can hold ME in contempt of Congress for failure to answer a stupid question???? This man is an idiot, and he and Schumer should be arrested for treason. They violated their oaths. He can tweet, but he cannot fight!”

Here’s another gem (and I’d like to think this one isn’t actually serious):

“!?! Why don’t we just shoot them as we see them crossing over? As soon as their feet touch US soil .. BAM!! a bullet is cheaper than the welfare they will demand.”

Words fail.

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