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North Korea….

People are flipping out because Little Un is sabre rattling…. Done the North Koreans always do a bit of sabre-rattling every time the US and the South Koreans hold a joint military exercise. OK, they did claim to nullify the 1953, but Papa Kim Jong Who’zits pretty much did the same thing years ago.

I’m thinking that Un / the military / who ever the heck is controlling the government of north Korea simply sees an opportunity to fill the anti-America void left by the death Cesar Chavez… Er, I mean Hugo Chavez… And yes, that is a Google Easter doddle joke.

Roger Ebert finally succumbed to the cancer that has been stalking him for the last decade. Too bad. I didn’t agree with some of his politics, but he was important to my life. I wanted to be an actor / director when I was a kid, and the Siskel and Ebert “At The Movies” show was something I tried to catch, as long as it didn’t come on at the same time as the Six Million Dollar Man of course!…

On the Six Million Dollar Man…. I wonder if that sum would be able to pay for even a portion of his bionics. I doubt that would cover the cost of his eye.

Gonna be finishing a song or two this week-end. Maybe I’ll post another YouTube…. Holy Crap! I haven’t posted a one on my blog!!!!

Fixed. Note: My first decent take of the song. The finger-picking is progressing. I mess up a little bit here and there on both vocals and guitaring, but it’s getting better.

PS. I know it’s not the exact way it’s played on the record… I’m not there yet… Working on it. And, I love how I almost forget what to sing when I get to the lyric about remembering something! Classic Me!!!!!

Anyone else had a problem logging into the Starbucks WiFi at the Ashland and West store?

I fixed the turn signal on the Brat… It wouldn’t shut off when you turned and signaled.

This post… Brought to you by ADHD!

On that. I really wish they would rename that whole diagnosis. I mean, think about it. You don’t have a deficit of attention – it’s in fact the opposite! You have a very highly honed sense of attention! Everything around you captures it! It’s a survival mechanism at its best! When the cheetah is stalking you in the savannah, circa 40,000 whatever years ago, who is going to be the human that survives? The one who is so focused on the task of making a spear that he has no idea danger is about, or the one who is in tune with and pays attention to the various goings on in his environ….

Oh, cool flock of geese just flew over the house! Geese are neat!!!!

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