InfoWar And WND Are Crap… Worse Than Radiation! It’s Mind Poison!!! Stop Reading Them!!!!

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The headlines featured by the two “news” outlets don’t say that explicitly in their headlines, but that’s the story.

Here is the skinny. The order listed on the link that InfoWars is using to scare the bejezuz out of people says specifically this:

“””(iv) The contract line item number, item, quantity and unit of measure is :

Line No. 001; potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s)”””

14 million sounds like a heck of a big number, but lets examine this. For adults, the proper dosage of KI is 130 mg to treat against, specifically, thyroid damage due to radiation. These tablets are 65 mg each. For adults, you would have to take two tables each day you are exposed.

Lets say that half of the patients you are going to treat are adults, and half are children. That brings the useable dosage of the entire proposed order down to about 9 1/2 million US citizens per day.

Since the “big fear” for most right now centers on the West Coast…. That entire order, if only shipped to Los Angeles’s 3.8 million people, would only last for less than three days.

But, if the government is worried about the entire West Coast, which would be the most vulnerable, now you’re talking about other large cities needing the drug as well. San Francisco has just under one million. San Diego has just over a million. So there’s another two million right there.

However. Now you have introduced more silliness from InfoWars. Here’s what they offer:

“””Now that radioactive debris is hitting the West Coast of North America, numerous different animals and sea life are suffering from mysterious diseases, including 20 bald eagles that have died in Utah over the last few weeks alone.”””

Here is what they link to for this scary information. If the radiation is causing the mysterious bird deaths in Utah, that means the drugs would have to go there as well.

Population of Utah – 2.8 million.

And if you follow the link that InfoWars did, that brings you to The WashingtonBlog, which adds Alaska to the list, another almost 1 million.

InfoWars / WND don’t mention that KI tablets have a life expectancy of 6 to 7 years, depending on the formula, thus the supply constantly needs to be replaced throughout THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES.

14 MILLION IS A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF DOSES when you are talking about the entire United States.

And, lastly, getting back to InfoWars and their constant use of deceit to scare people, here is what they wrote in May of 2011, just after the Fukushima disaster:

“””U.S. health authorities could be blocking Americans from obtaining the radiation-fighting drug potassium iodide, even as the threat of a radioactive cloud from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant affecting the United States prompts panic buying, which has led to stocks of the drug running out across the country.

High strength potassium iodide is a once-a-day-pill than protects the thyroid gland from radiation and cancer caused by radioactive iodine. There are also weaker liquid forms of the drug that provide less protection, but supplies of these are also running low.””””

So, two years ago, they bitched and moaned that the government was not getting this stuff out to the public, even thought they didn’t really need it at the time, yet now that the government is trying to be more prepared and provide for the public what it wants, InfoWars is using that to gin up fears?

That doesn’t fly in my book.

Can you tell I really don’t like theses guys! 🙂

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