The Impeachment Of Trump – My First Official Prediction.

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The Trump / Ukraine Fiasco:

Subpoenaed emails from Guiliani and others will show the phone call now being scrutinized was staged and scripted. It will be revealed that Trump and company did not just “ask for a favor” but they were working behind the scenes to engineer a Ukranian investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. This would explain why the already approved aid to Ukraine was withheld by the White House, to be used as leverage, and why Guiliani was involved. He coached Zelensky to make sure the phone call happened the way it did. Mentioning CrowdStrike was intended to give Trump cover… “See!!!! This isn’t about Biden!!”. And there is no quid pro quo in the phone call. Of course that was handled before hand. And worst case scenario, if anyone questioned it, Guiliani and Trump would have attorney / client priveledge… But we’re dealing with stupid people. That protection of course goes away if either is found to have actively participated in a crime that benefits the other.

QUICK UPDATE: Pissed that the whistleblower is being called a hero instead of him, Rudy, being Rudy, is out and about bragging that he’s the hero in all this, that he’s the crusader righting the wrongs of government, not this idiot tractor whistleblower. He’s the one “fighting corruption”. I wonder if that includes manipulating a foreign government to investigate a political rival????

Translated: This was his idea and moron Trump didn’t have the slightest bit of common sense to go “nope, we probably shouldn’t do this. It’s like Cheney / Bush all over again, but turned to 11.

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