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Drugs Are Bad… M’Kay!

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All drugs are the same. Every drug is as addictive as the others. There is NO DIFFERENCE between marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or meth. That’s like saying getting stung by a bee is the same as getting bit by a black widow, or getting bit by one of those deadly Australian sea snakes! This stupidity is rampant in drug enforcement circles. Kudo to Democrat Senator Jerod Polis for not letting this go.

Here is more info on this Congressional interview.

Hat Tip – Sully.

In The Face Of Death – Pt 1

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There is a new documentary about HIV and the AIDS epidemic that surfaced in the 1980’s called “How To Survive A Plague“. Andrew Sullivan contracted the virus in the mid 80, and writes of some of his experiences; the fear of dying, watching your friends die, and getting up, protesting, and actually making a difference. The demonstrations led by gay activists, many of whom were fighting for their lives, eventually led to changes in FDA policies which allowed some drugs to be brought to market in a more timely fashion than was permitted at the time. Here is Andrew’s post. It’s a great read, and a reminder of what the gay population faced in the not too distant past, and why some are fighting so diligently to achieve marriage equality.

Being that I came to terms with being gay in the AIDS era, I too have a story to tell. It’s not as compelling as Mr Sullivans, but it is none-the-less a perspective of someone who had contact with that point in time. Being gay during this almost 15 year period was equated by many as being an AIDS faggot! And because you were gay, and had sex, you deserved to die! (even if you didn’t have sex… well… you deserved to die anyway). That wasn’t just what people thought behind closed doors, some openly said it, and still do. I’ll see if I can crank out my perspective today or tomorrow if time permits.

Spoken Words And The Dead.

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There is a lot of conversation about how some are handling and writing about the death of Andrew Breitbart. Here are my thoughts.

Being a student of mass media (BA in Telecommunication, specializing in Radio Video Film production – note – video editing) and also having family in the news business, I have more than a few legitimate gripe with Andrew Breitbart and some of his stories. But I also appreciated his zeal and willingness to put his ass on the line for the things he believed in. It’s the same reason I also like Matt Tiabbi on the left, and Pat Buchanan… wherever he happens to be at any given time. I have disagreements with them too, and when I believe they are wrong, I say so. But hell, at least they are trying to get beyond the stale robot template that dominates what is now the main stream media.

The most glaring stain on Breitbart’s record was his Sharon Sherrod video. Here is what I wrote about the Sherrod thing at the time. Even though only a few audience members mumbled and one or two said “yeah” in the hall, a big deal was made that the audience applauded at the admission of “racism” by Sherrod, as if the whole audience stood up in some sort of rapture over the remark, which was the intent. The vid was edited for that exact effect.

* Note, the original selectively version of the video has been scrubbed from the Big Government site. *

Breitbarts diversion that he was really criticizing the NAACP isn’t supported by his original comments when the edited video first broke. He screwed up, in a big way.

It’s the same slimy use of editing that was done last year when a few audience members cheered after Ron Paul answered a question about the choice that Americans make to forgo purchasing health insurance. If the whole video is presented, it clearly shows the bulk of the audience actually shouting down the few who cheered at Blitzers “are you saying that society should just let him die?” question, yet the left wing hacks went with the meme that the whole audience cheered with gusto and only showed the video that supported that meme.

And yes, I excoriated them on that too!

Looking at Breitbarts tumultuous career as a n internet pamphleteer, I was wondering, will Breitbart go down in history as our version of one-time anti-federalist James Callender? I don’t think so, because unlike, Callender, who changed sides at the flip of a coin, or in this case, after being cut off from Thomas Jefferson’s gravy train, Breitbart was not only committed to his cause, but was also a true innovator, and helped place more than a few brick in the information highway.

Getting back to Breitbarts death and some of the reactions to it by the various partisans. Here is the way I look at it. There are going to be people out there who do not surprise me in the least when they go after someone who has just died. And I’m not talking about criticism of career or personal chioces – Breitbart’s Sherrod video, Whitney Houston’s drug and alcohol abuse, Davey jones played a horrible tambourine and wasn’t a real musician…. yes, I did run into one of those. I’m talking about those who do the “good riddance to evil scum” or whatever. That’s always going to be out there. Hell, even when Queen Liz II, who is I’m convinced clinging on to life for dear life as long as she can to keep idiot Prince Charles from taking the thrown, finally kicks the bucket, there will no doubt a few who will write some horrible things about her, probably for dying and letting the idiot Prince Charles ascend to the thrown.

That kind of thing doesn’t surprise me.

What does is when you have a foe of the recently deceased handle the unfortunate event of someones death with class. Case in point – Andrew Sullivan on Breitbart. He could do some of the same things that some of the other media talking keyboard have been doing, but nope. He’s been reflecting on Breitbart in fine form, with reflections and interesting commentary that reminds me of why I still go to his corner of the web. As long as he’s not writing about his man-crush, he’s still a very good writer, and his reflections on Breitbart are the kind of thoughtful observations I wish more would produce when someone of Breitbarts notoriety passes away.

PS. Here is something that really bothers me about Breitbarts death…. The guy was younger than me. I can’t say I don’t have a little discomfort when a contemporary my age or a little older dies, but when it’s someone who is younger than me…. Eek! Memo to life – I really don’t need any reminders of my pending mortality, thank you very much!

Only One Fish Was Hurt In The making Of This Ad.

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Funny ad… But… In the end… Doesn’t this just support the notion that the stimulus should have been a lot bigger?

PS. Hey… My comment got “Sully’d“! I didn’t get a blog link, but then, I really don’t care about that much anymore… Liar!

Blind Spots And Seeing Things That Aren’t There

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While I agree with him that FOX news is not being very “fair and balanced” for not having Andrew Sullivan on any of their programs when discussing the recent article he wrote for Newsweek, Sully goes way too far in describing a phrase uttered by a Fox-ite as “homophobic”. Here is the conversation Andrew is critiquing:

GUTFELD: The ultimate hypocrisy here, Kimberly, is that Sullivan is calling critics dumb when, in fact, he is the most obsessed critic of Sarah Palin’s children.

GUILFOYLE: Remember that?

GUTFELD: I don’t want to get into it. He’s got an amazing blind spot.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, and talking about her children. I mean, it’s totally inappropriate. And he has no credibility because of that. That’s what’s so problematic about it. In fact, how do you expect this magazine to have any kind of credibility either when you have writers putting forth stuff like this? With the background that he does. Leftist propaganda.

Can you spot the obvious homophobic slur????





Answer: It’s the phrase  ” He’s got an amazing blind spot.”

Here is Sullivan’s write-up. This is a pretty good “Jump The Shark” moment.


Irony Of The Week!

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Gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage lecturing Newt Gingrich on morals!

Technically you’re not asking your wife for an open marriage if you’ve already been fucking another woman for six years. You’re presenting her with an ultimatum. That doesn’t make you a proponent of open marriage, Newt, it makes you a CPOS.

Calling Newt a CPOS is rich, considering Savage is directly responsible for the vile smearing of Rick Santorum.
 I have had a few differences with Andrew Sullivan over the years, but this is one of the times I agree with him. He writes:
I don’t think Newt has made himself a proponent of open marriage; he’s just a flawed individual, as we all are. I think going on TV and trashing your ex-husband in the days before a critical primary is bitter, bitter, bitter. But I’m a Christian. The private stuff I forgive and understand. Like many men, over the years, my libido has sometimes seemed to have a life of its own. I think we should all give people’s priavte consensual adult sex lives alone. But the public hypocrisy? The ranting about gay marriage destroying America? The lecturing of the poor on family structure? Not so much.

In my opinion, it is foolish to look for an un-flawed candidate. I contend that we never would have been able to elect an Abraham Lincoln (didn’t go to the right schools) or a Winston Churchill (drank too much) under the standards we set for our modern candidates. It’s why I was very please when 3 1/2ish years ago, Republican Rudy Giuliani  had rival Barrack Obama’s back when he admitted he had used cocaine in college. I’m not saying we shouldn’t scrutinize a politicians personal live. All I’m saying is that we are not electing the person to be our moral guide, we are electing the guy (or gal in the future) to run the country in accordance with political philosophies and public policies we deem most appropriate. I am definitely not a Newt support in any way, but, really, does the fact that Newt was (and may still be) a cad really going to affect how he governs now should he win?  The fact that he was having an affair at the time certainly didn’t stop him from riding Bill Clinton’s nose into the ground for doing the same thing.

Meme Alert! Newt Is Dumb!

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Yep, this is the latest meme!

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this silliness.   I’ve also seen the same applied to Victor Davis Hanson, and to Freeman Dyson.  Why are they “dumb“? Because they have differing opinions on issues than liberals do, such as Hanson’s views on immigration and Dyson’s refusal to march lock-step with the sky-is-falling global warming crowd.

Note to the smug liberal crowd  –  Just because someone has differing views than you do, that doesn’t mean they are dumb! You simply have differing views on things.  Period.

Oh, and I don’t think those who are pursuing this meme are dumb…  I just think you’re stupid for being so idiotic!!!!!   🙂



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How Justin Beiber plans on hiding from the man if they charge him with rape….

PS. Yes, that is a real print ad for the Boy Scouts, pointed out by beard the loving Andrew Sullivan.

Gay Advertizing… Plus, Old Subaru Commercials!

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Andrew Sullivan has a link to a Subaru commercial that plays on the emotional connection of marriage and the ideals of the adventure of a honeymoon. Having not been on a honeymoon myself, I have no idea what they are like. But something like the one portrayed in the commercial is what we all would like, or something fanciful and adventurous like it.

But that got me thinking, Subaru has a long history of making lifestyle a part of the brand.

suby ad

Because they have been featuring 4 wheel or All Wheel Drive as long as any other car manufacturer on the market, they have been able to market themselves as something just a little different. That philosophy of not being the same as the typical cookie cutter car, of occupying a niche market in the automotive world has also allowed the company to branch out and target demographic groups that were passed over by other car manufacturers. They pioneered the practice of advertizing to the gay demographic.

“Subaru has always recognized the importance of speaking to all their customers,” says Subaru brand spokesperson, John Nash. “In the early nineties, market research indicated that many lesbians and gay men had a strong loyalty for the brand, based on the reliability of the vehicles. The company made the decision to speak to their G&L [gay and lesbian] customers in the first person, in the magazines and newspapers they read, with custom creative. Seemingly a simple and smart decision, but given the time period, certainly a farsighted and courageous one.”

They’ve been traveling down this road for almost 20 years. A number of the ads in the early 2000’s featured Martina Navratilova .

They produced a few TV commercials for the gay market as well.

Subaru has succeed in this market because they are a smaller company, and have never thought of themselves as being part of the mainstream. That gave them the freedom to go after this previously neglected demographic in the auto advertizing world. Remember, when Ford tried the same strategy, to cash in on the growing income trend of gay America, they got their hands slapped by the “traditional” American crowd, they were boycotted and ended up pulling the ads. Months later, Ford reversed it’s decision and resumed advertising in gay media.

This was a major step, and today you see many companies now feel free to try and attract business from the gay segment of the population without too much backlash.

A couple of oldies but goodies.

Wish this commercial was of better quality

Now this is some serious OLD SCHOOL!!!!!

Cynical Politics At Its Best! (and general stupidity)

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[Welcome Instapundit readers. Always grateful to have new eyes poking around here]

Remember when Obama the candidate was refreshingly honest about his previous drug use in the past. Well, looks like the hopes and dreams of those who support personal freedoms and thought he would understand given his history have gone up in smoke!


Remember when the Obama administration was going to be stand-offish on states that had approved the use of medical marijuana?

Well, there’s a election coming, and it always helps to look tough on drugs (mmmm-kay).

Oh, he was very much for it before he was against it.

And just to show how idiotic and political this is, there’s this. Just a couple of months ago, there was a huge, I mean HUGE pot bust here in Sanger, which is near Fresno.

How big was it?

Check out the video of a helicopter flying over the pot growing operation.

Yes, you do keep asking yourself, are they done filming yet?… are they done now?… NOW???

Yet, just a month later, the people who were arrested during this raid…. were set free! On orders of the same Fed that is now going after the state sanctioned medical marijuana sellers. What. Were these people who were detained donors to the party or something???

Remember when this administration was going to be ultra tough on polluters?

Job losses due to regulations would look bad. According to the Associated Press “EPA regional administrator Al Armendariz said the agency’s decision to ease the standards had to do with new data and was not political”. Sounds good and all, except this administration has a long history of ignoring science when it suited their needs. Did I mention there is an election coming?

Plus, the President, who wants to be considered Mr Compromise, can’t compromise on his latest jobs bill, which guarantees it won’t get past the republican house. It’s almost as if there is an election coming, and he wants to blame the lack of a jobs bill on Republicans!

And speaking of…. Don’t think they’re of the hook!

Here is the stupid!

We know that the unemployment rate for 18 – 25 year olds is very high, at about 24%. We also see that the vast majority of the Occupy Wall Street crowd is right within that demographic. But I guess Herman Cain doesn’t have all the facts:

“What do they want? I don’t have facts to back this up, but I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration. Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big bank. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself.”

But this at least has some tact. Laura Ingraham on her radio show today told them bluntly “they needed to get a job”. Uhm… If they could find a job in this economy, maybe they wouldn’t be protesting!

Jeez! Why does any one listen to these people.

PS. Yes, I do know that many (most) of the protesters at the various “Occupation” sites haven’t a clue, are serial protestors, will go out and picket any liberal cause at the drop of a hat, and don’t know what they’re doing it for most of the time. That doesn’t negate the fact that unemployment is a severe concern for that age group, and that many major corporations are sitting on money, not reinvesting it back into the economy and creating more jobs. If they are simply waiting for the Presidency to change hands, well, that doesn’t look good either.

PPS. Meep Meep = Silent Silent.

Obama’s biggest cheerleader has gone mysteriously silent on the administrations decision to crack down on medical marijuana. I suspect he’ll respond one of these days, but it’s pretty embarrassing when a very part time blogger beats him to it. But, I guess it’s complicated.