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Toyota’s Pinto Memo Moment, Pt 3 – The Government Meddling In The Market… For It’s Own Advantage!

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Instapundit has a link showing how the Government take-over of General Motors has affected the way Washington has gone after Toyota.

I have more evidence of that:

“I would like to know how it could take us 6 years, dozens of lives, numerous lawsuits, substantial consumer complaints, mat replacements and repeated expressions of concern by an insurance company before any real action was taken to initiate an investigation into the safety of a product being used by millions of American families,” Sen. John D Rockerfeller, chairman of the Senate Transportation subcommittee said. “Simply put – the American people deserve better.

The Guvment continues to pile on!

“We’ve seen claims in the last month that they didn’t know how severe these problems were until this year, and now you’re working around the clock to find out what’s wrong,” said Rep. Harry Teague, a New Mexico Democrat. “That’s rubbish. You knew you had a problem a long time ago. You lobbied to limit the recalls. This committee’s staff has uncovered memos going back to 2004 where you knew you had a problem and you didn’t do anything about it.”

And then there’s….



These are doctored quotes are from a CNN article about the Ford / Firestone hearings ten years ago, altered to make a point. Politicians, no matter which party, will jump all over a situation like this to show they are concerned for our safety. And these are actually Republicans, not Democrats, who are up in arms, doing the standard regulatory hand-waiving. Here are the actual quotes: Read more »

Toyota’s Pinto Memo Moment Pt 2 – Hot Air’s Failed Yoda Moment.

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Karl over at Hot Air channels Yoda with a post titled “Begun, the Toyota war has…”. He insinuates the problem with the sudden acceleration in Toyota’s… well… it’s all the drivers fault, saying that they accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brakes.   He quotes from a Detroit News article:

Experts say the number of fatalities linked to reports of uncontrolled acceleration of Toyota vehicles — 15 when the first recall was announced, and now 34 — isn’t a big number for a company that sells close to 2 million cars and trucks a year in the United States.

Most independent auto experts and investigators say unintended acceleration is most often caused by driver error; the driver, in a moment of panic, or in an unfamiliar vehicle, may accidentally step on the wrong pedal.

Thirty years ago, Audi faced damaging complaints that its cars were prone to unintended acceleration — allegations that U.S. safety regulators now say were never proven.

Similar complaints in the late 1990s against Chrysler Corp.’s Jeep Grand Cherokee turned up no defect, said Vines, who was then working for Chrysler. The problem was either a floor mat trapping the gas pedal, or people stepping on the gas, he said.

Lets take each claim in reverse order. Read more »

Toyota’s Pinto Memo Moment.

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How do you stop an out-of-control Toyota from killing you? Shift into neutral or turn off the car…. Duh!

Seriously, I find this video advise troubling on a few different levels. Read more »

My New Car!!!

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As most of my friends know, I am a loyal Subaru guy. But have loved my Hondas and Toyotas, and once had the rare Datsun 810 coupe. Fun car, but it was getting eaten by rust.

I’m here now because I just acquired a cream dream machine!!!… A 1991 300ZX 2×2. I will never forget the first time I saw one of these out in the wild. I was driving north on the I-5 from San Diego to Pasadena, and this magnificent car passed me. I normally kept up with the goings-on in the industry, but somehow, I missed the relaunch of the Z at the time. I saw the car, a black one, and wondered “what the hell is THAT!!!!”. And now I have one!

I owned a pool business. One of my long-time customers has had this car mothballed for the last 9 years or so. It had some sort of transmission problem, and they decided to get another car. I think they intended to fix this one, but never got around to it. It has been in the garage, covered, ever since. At least three or four times a year I’d ask “Hey Cindy, when are you gonna get me that car?”. Well she finally decided to let it go, and I got it for a song!

Because they had originally bought the car out of state, the car has a “non-transferable” tag on the title. Also, they have no idea where the keys are, or where the pink slip is. They can’t find the keys, the battery is dead, the T-Top keys are also missing, I’m betting I’ll have a stuck injector or two….

These are all solvable problems. Still, I won’t be doing any serious wrenching until the pink slip is in my name. But, the car is now sitting pretty in my driveway! Possession is 9/10ths and all that! 🙂

I’m ecstatic to have this car, and look forward to a good drive to the coast when I get it up and running.

PS. Yes, that IS a Subaru BRAT back there… And, no, it doesn’t have the rear seats in the bed. (will be for sale soon)


No No No No No – Not Another Conspiracy.

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OK. First, I will freely admit that I love a good conspiracy – Bush / Cheney planned 9/11, moon landing was a hoax, Roswell, the illuminate are running the world, in which case they really need to be fired… they’re doing a lousy job. The more creative the conspiracy the better.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in them, but they’re just, well, fun.

But sometimes something comes along that is just lame.  Last month it was “the guv’ment is going after Toyota to try and help GM (Guv’ment Motors, as the conspirorists like to call it) sell more cars“, which set me off on a bit of a blog tirade. Never mind that consumers would more likely gravitate toward Honda, Nissan, or even Ford, before going to GM.

Well, now there is a new one.  According to the one and only Rush Limbaugh, the Obama administration purposely blowed up the oil rig in the gulf coast on Earthday to stymie the plan to drill for a little more oil, a plan which conservatives have already said would not actually produce more oil.


You know, some times thing simply happen… No plan…  No great conspiracy….  They just happen.

Oh, and I’d be willing to bet that Rush also propagated the stupid Toyota conspiracy…..   Yep.  When are rational conservatives going to recognize he will ultimately be the destruction of the party?

Jerry Brown – Shakedown Artist!

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OK. I’m convinced I live in the most dysfunctional State in the Union. Google California State Budget if you want proof! And has anyone else just about had enough of the lawsuit happy California Attorney Gen. Jerry Brown? First he sued San Bernardino County because their city plan didn’t include adequate greenhouse gas reductions to fight global warming. Never mind the plans were drawn up well before that became a requirement, and the legal wrangling cost money which mean less money for the county to spend on things like law enforcement, one thing the A.G is supposed to be most concerned about. Then Jerry B. tried to sue every auto manufacturer on the planet because cars emit evil CO2. Never mind that car makers, Honda and Toyota, producers of the cleanest cars on the planet, are included in the lawsuit. Don’t fool yourself for one minute that the failed lawsuit didn’t influence Toyota’s decision to build the much coveted Prius in Mississippi instead of California. Bye Bye Jobs! Now word has come down the pike that our Global Warming Crusader Jerry Brown has decided to go after a water bottling company – bottle manufacturing causes Global warming. This will mean a delay in the building of the bottling plant, which will mean a delay in new jobs being created during a recession. That is if the company doesn’t decide to just pack up and move to another state, a la Toyota. He has been traveling around the state threatening lawsuits for any county that doesn’t bend to his will. Is there anyone besides me who is sick of having this retard as their Attorney General?

PS. I usually refrain from calling people retards and such, and I have praised Brown in the past – he is a extremely eloquent guy. But he is, at the moment, an attorney out of control. And the saddest thing of all – he is the odds on favorite to be the next governor of the state of California. God help us! Not Again!!!!

Spider's Are Not Technically Bugs…

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… but I am going to San Diego tomorrow for a gig and spiders are close enough to being bugs so now I won’t have to post a bug picture to let you know I’m going down to San Diego – this will cover it.


[youtube sHzdsFiBbFc]

OK! I spent way too much time trying to get this video plug-in to work. This is a feature I have wanted to add to my blog for a long time, but like posting new material lately, I just had not found the drive to tackle it. Well now I have! And speaking of posting new stuff, there has been a lot going on in my life and in the world lately (school just started and already subbing, rebuilding the Sonicfrog MySpace site from ground up to include music, joined new band for third time this year, bought Toyota Tercel to fix and resell, finally recording solo songs, think Hilary is going to win – screwing up my prediction of an Al Gore presidency, etc., etc.) but, like I said, I’ve just had no motivation to sit down and write. But now that I have the video feature installed, I will be posting a bunch of clips of Miss Bird, Judy, and a Mockingbird harassing a cat, plus other fun brick-a-brack I come across on the web. Meanwhile, just to show you how badly I could have screwed up my blog, if you’ll look at the top of the blog title (where it says “Sonicfrog”) you’ll see some gibberish that wasn’t there yesterday. By adding that, it was supposed to make the video player work… but it seems to have done nothing except add some gibberish to the top of my web page. I’m just glad I didn’t break anythi
tolen from: Tweed!

PS. The Crowded House concert was fantastic. As a special treat, Neil Finn’s son, Liam, is following in his dad’s footsteps and was the opening act for the show. Sound much like his dad voice, but not so close musically that he sounds like a carbon copy e.g. Julian Lennon’s early stuff. He’s a one man show. Not only did he open for dad, but he also sits in as a guest member of CH.Quite the performer he’s grown into. The last time I saw Li’l Liam perform was ten years ago – he could hardly hold a guitar. Now he’s all big and grown up, taller than Daddy Finn, and has the most scraggly beard I’ve seen on stage since the one I tried to grow some twenty years ago…


OK, I take that back. First, I don’t think that so called beard of mine was ever seen on stage. Hell, it should never have been seen in public (that’s my mom in the background trying to keep me from going outside and embarrassing the entire family). Second, up close Liam’s beard is MUCH MUCH better than mine was, though in my defense I think I was a bit younger than he is now. But yes, that is the best I could do at the time. Are you happy now, Johnny!!!

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