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I’m not a lawyer, BUT… Part 2

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A Facebook friend recommended I listen to a recent Hugh Hewitt podcast, on which both Marco Rubio and famed Conservative laywyer Andrew McCarthy react to the indictment of Trump by special counsel Jack Smith in the stolen documents case. Now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the Hewitt interview…. First: Marco Rubio. He […]

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I Am NOT A Lawyer, But…

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Way back when, when I was blogging full time, I did quite a bit of discussion about legal stuff; Supreme Court decisions, stuff like that. As I drifted away from blogging – blame facebook – and I got busy with career and the like, I stopped following law as much. Something that is happening recently […]

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The Powerless Media

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Jack Shafer at Politico is telling us to be OK with what happened at CNN last night. It was CNN trying to be more of a news network instead of just another opinion / editorial service: “…having signaled that it wants to restore news to primacy, an interview with Trump was a good idea…” Except… […]

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I’ve recently been in a discussion with someone online about whether or not we can handle being a gun-worshiping society. Here’s how it went. I start with: —————————————————– Our. Society. Can’t. Handle. Guns. Before you say “I have a gun and I would never ____________”. I could own a flamethrower and would never ______________. Doesn’t […]

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Happy 17th Blogaversary!!!

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Yes. It was 17 years ago that I started the Sonicfrog blog. Seventeen Freaking Years!!!! In the last six years I haven’t done much here. Social media / Facebook is to blame. It’s just so easy to post there. The downside is – Good luck finding something important you posted four years ago. There is […]

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National Coming Out Day

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Today is National Coming Out day. Most straight people have no idea of the emotional pain one suffers when they can not live life as the person they are because society has told us all our lives our needs and desire to love and be loved by someone is wrong / a sin / evil […]

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I’m gonna try not to go into any detail, but my heart hurts. I have a long time friend who is suddenly having very serious health issues. We’ve been friends for 30 plus years and have a lot of good history. We’ve talked some about what is going on, but not enough apparently. I was […]

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Culture. It’s a strange elusive thing to conceptualize and grasp its importance and effect on our lives. I’ve never been or felt the part of a Patriot. I went to church as a kid but never bought in. I’m a gay man, but I’ve never felt connected to the “gay culture” as it were. A […]

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Why They Lost?

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This is one reason why. Don’t introduce people in court who claim they are experts before you double check to make sure they are, in fact, an expert.

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Bad Memes.

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I love dumb memes. Here’s one I came across tonight. The idea that Hunter Biden has no energy industry experience has long been a talking point for the right when attacking him and his service on the Burisma board of directors. I’ve challenged people to pick at random 20 BOD’s of companies to see how […]

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