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Archived For Rich Merritt

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“Who knew we shouldn’t reopen everything on May 1st? Nobody knew. No one saw a second wave coming.” ~Donald J. Trump July 3rd, 2020

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I’m just testing to see if my links to outside media will work now. I was having problems before and i figured being home with a bad cold is a perfect time to fix any problems. What about this? Mapping the virus spread.

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So, I’m home today, essential services be damned. Why? It appears I have a mild cold or flu. Runny nose, sneezing sometimes, bit of a sore throat. I do have a little bit of a cough, but it’s a “wet” cough. I mention that because the cough that develops in a Covid infection is a […]

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Don’t Dream…

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Or do dream, if you wish.

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That Time The Giant Elephant Attacked Florida, Georgia, AND Alabama!!!!

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Learning The Drums: Part 1

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I haven’t blogged consistently in a long long while. Facebook took the place of blogging some time ago. But I’m embarking on an adventure that needs to be archived, and my blog is just the thing! I’ve been meaning to blog again and this gives me the perfect reason to do so. Mike’s new mission: […]

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Brat Tail Light.

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Because the forum I’m on doesn’t allow links to Google photo, I’ll put this here and link to it instead. They thought they could defeat me…

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Super Chicken Yell… In Blue.

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Bakka Bakka Bakka Bakka  Bakka Bakka Bakka   Bakka Bakka Bakka Bakka  Bakka Bakka Bakka  Baaaaaaak…. B’Coooooooock!!!!!! 

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For Shi Jaramillo

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  Happy Freaking Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary Alexander: Sept 18, 1932 – August 29, 2015.

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I just got word that my wonderful Mom passed away this morning. We knew this was coming soon, but was not expecting it so soon. I’m still numb to the news. As happened when Dad died, it took a few days for me to really grieve. I’m expecting the same with Mom. It will happen […]

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