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And They Said Fresno Is Boring!!!!!

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Hat Tip: Don Ramirez

Saturday February 2nd, 2013 in Fresno In The News | No Comments »

Fresno = Porn!

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Haven’t done a “Fresno In The News” item in quite a while…. So here we go! And it’s about “porn“! This is even getting reported in New Zealand! We’re world famous!!!! Doesn’t get much better than that! Probably might as well retire this entire tag, as I doubt I’ll ever have anything to report on […]

Fresno In The News – Chico, Eat Your Heart Out!

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We’re the drunkest city in the United States!!!!

Saturday February 6th, 2010 in Fresno In The News | No Comments »

Starving Farmers of Water… For Nothing.

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Well, the results are in. The scientific opinions that recommended that the way to save the Delta Smelt was to shut off the water supply to the West San Joaquin Valley farmers…  Didn’t work. As farmers were forced to watch as their fields dried and went fallow,  shutting off the pumps that divert the water […]

Tuesday October 27th, 2009 in Fresno In The News, Politics / Law Stuff | No Comments »

Fresno In The News – The Best Defense EVER! A Band Of Gypsys Set Me Up To Feel Up Their Daughter.

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Yep! This may be one of the most bizarre stories that I’ve written about on It’s complicated. The printed news report is, as usual,  short on details. Here is a summary as I understand it. Rick Berman, Harry Baker’s lawyer, says Baker was acquainted with the family. He says the defendant was lured to […]

This is a test post

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to restore my catagories.

The Tea Party Movement – Mission Creep Sets In.

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I was afraid of this. I am seeing more and more non-fiscal issues getting pushed into the TP agenda. From a link I provided in the previous post, a quote from one of the Tea Party organizers in Madera confirms that the message of fiscal responsibility is slowly being pushed to the side by those […]

City Tries To Ban Distribution Of Declaration Of Independence….. On The Fourth Of July!

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Yes, you read that right: This Fourth of July, families at the City of Madera’s fireworks celebration at the Municipal Golf Course will have a bounce house, face painting and kettle corn available. But not annotated copies of the Declaration of Independence. At issue is not U.S. political history, but contemporary politics at what is […]

Fresno In The News – Here We Go Again

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Keeping up with a national trend, another Fresno FM station has switched from a music format, to talk radio. And yet again, it’s conservative talk radio. KJZN dropped its smooth jazz format and started talking today as 105.5 “The Truth”. I have nothing against conservative talk radio per se, and I do like one of […]

Fresno In The News – The Mendota March For Water.

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I know the Tea Parties made the news cycle this week, but there was another protest that, in my eyes, was much more important, because unlike the Tea Parties, this one may have an effect and change policy concerning the ultimate goal of the march; to get more water to the Central and West San […]