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Geek / Geology Alert – New Blog Link.

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Just want to give a should-out to a geology-minded blogger who, strangely, found me, via my “temblor” post. The blog is Dr. Geophisics’ Weblog. My friend Preston Ward should get a kick out of this.  

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Geek Allert – Happy Birthday To…

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Fedora Linux! Note, if you’re not a geek and know nothing about Linux, this post will be gibberish. When they split the Red Hat distro into the commercial version, which stayed Red Hat, and the free experimental one, which was christened Fedora, I thought they were making a huge mistake. Red Hat was the first […]

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To Linux, Or Not To Linux?

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A guy going by the name Neon Frank wrote this in response to a recent article about Linux Mint, the OS that is currently running on the computer I’m using to type this post: All of you Linux guys… At one end are the Apple fanbois who pay (much) more to get less and at […]

Monday February 4th, 2013 in Geek!, Linux Stuff | 2 Comments »

Oh No! Not Windows Viruses!!!!!

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Only one problem….

Tuesday October 9th, 2012 in Geek! | No Comments »

Good News Everyone! SCO Is Dead!!!!!

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Yep! PJ over at Groklaw posted the news this morning! They’re filing for Chapter 7! Of course, they STILL want to go to court to fight a losing battle with IBM, a company that will crush it legally if that ever happened! I’m thinking the judge will say “no” to this one…. But then, there […]

Thursday August 9th, 2012 in Geek!, Politics / Law Stuff | No Comments »

“Beefy Miracle”

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That’s the nick-name of the newest version of the Fedora Linux operating system. “Beefy Miracle”???? Sounds like a bad gay porno… Or a good one! Note to fedora _ Stop trying to imitate Ubuntu with the goofy names, and just get back to being a great distro.

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More Uses For Bacon!

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Saturday December 3rd, 2011 in Fun Bits!, Geek! | No Comments »

Why Am I Sonicfrog?

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Over at What’s Up With That, one of the guest contributors is running a little poll on why you either do or don’t post anonymously. I guess that is as good a reason as any to explain how I became Sonicfrog. The genesis of my evolution into amphibiousness started long ago. Because I used to […]

Tuesday April 26th, 2011 in Fun Bits!, Geek!, Life | No Comments »

Quote Of The Day…. MonthYear…. Decade… Century!

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From my Facebook page: Once upon a time there was a tour guide in Africa and as his group traveled by a camp, he said “Do you hear the drums? The drums must NEVER stop! They must never EVER stop!” “Why is that?” asked one tourist. The guide told him, “Because then the bass player […]

Thursday April 21st, 2011 in Band Stuff, Blog Admin Stuff, Fun Bits!, Geek! | No Comments »

Hostile Take-Over – Microsoft To Acquire HP, Mozilla Foundation!

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They’re also apparently going to make good on their promise to sue open source out of existence, and promise papers will be filed next week. As a fan of open source projects and Linux… Well…. I’m pretty disgusted! But, after watching Micro$oft for many years, I’m not surprised. More here.

Friday April 1st, 2011 in Economics, Geek! | No Comments »