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Sweden… The Great Example Of How To Handle Covid 19… Or Are They?

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Sweden… The Great Example Of How To Handle Covid 19… Or are they? People have recently started to notice that Sweden has been able to avert “disaster” without resorting to “lockdown” measures. A couple of things to note about Sweden vs the US and other countries. First, Sweden’s healthcare system is top notch, and nationalized. […]

Sunday April 26th, 2020 in Science / Teacher Stuff | 1 Comment »

Fun With Binoculars And Solar Eclipses, 2017 Edition.

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I did this during the partial eclipse in 2012. And this: So, of course I couldn’t let this eclipse in 2017 go by with out a little bit of fun.

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 in Fun Bits!, Science / Teacher Stuff | No Comments »

Why I Turned Away From Conservative News

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As the title says, I don’t trust Conservative news outlets much. There is the obvious cases where the reporting is just plain wrong. Last week, Conservative website Newsbusters chided the “national media” for either not covering the story a of former Acting Director of Cyber Security Health and Human Services who got busted and now […]

InfoWars Is CRAP – Again… Worse For Your Brain Than Fukushima Radiation!

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A Berkeley nuclear engineering professor has dismissed a viral video which appears to show unusually high radiation readings on a beach in San Francisco, asserting it has no link to the ongoing Fukushima crisis in Japan. The highly trustworthy folks at InfoWar are upset at Berkley Professor Edward Morse because he dismissed the one YouTube […]

Science Is Cool – Do – A Deer, A Female Deer. Fa – A Long Long Way To Run….

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Remember the book / movie “Flowers For Algernon” where a mentally retarded man (that’s the way they referred to it in the story, so I’m using it) was given an experimental treatment of something that made him suddenly not only become normal, but to possess superior mental and cognitive abilities? It was one of my […]

Monday January 6th, 2014 in Music / Video, Science / Teacher Stuff | 2 Comments »

Climate Science Writer…. Smack Down!!!!

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Over at Juduth Curry’s excellent climate blog Climate Etc, there is an interesting conversation going on concerning a rebuttal by The Economist against an article from The New Republic which was a rebuttal against a previous article from the Economist! Got that? Yeah, it gets complicated after a while. But it’s fun to watch as […]

Bill Nye….. The Non-Science Guy.

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It’s one thing when a scientific dunce in the form of California’s Senator Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer says the F-5 that hit Moore Oklahoma is caused by global warming. You kind of expect such unprovable nonsense from her. But when a guy who touts himself as “The Science Guy” says the same thing… Well, I can’t […]

Back From The Dead?

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Not me, of course. When people talk about bringing an extinct species back to life through our ever expanding abilities to clone DNA, a-la Jurassic Park, everyone always turns to one of the largest, and maybe most popular extinct species, the wooly mammoth. And I will fully admit, bring them back from the dead would […]

The Science Of Fracking

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Why the procedure is used.  Even if you are against the use of the practice, you should watch something like this to get a pure scientific explanation of why it’s done. Note: Start the YouTube vid, then follow this powerpoint, using the YT as audio.

Climate Crisis – A New One!

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Well….  Someone has done it now! They’ve leaked the IPCC AR5 onto the interwebs! The IPCC is SHOCKED and saddened this kind of thing could possibly happen! I would post the statement they released concerning this matter, but, as a writer, one of my talents I’m told is my ability to make long drawn out […]