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A Brief History Of Conservatives And The NFL.

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1999: Liberals need to stop whining about what NFL players get paid. They get compensated a lot because that’s what the market demands. 2000: Liberals need to stop whining about what NFL players get paid. They get compensated a lot because that’s what the market demands. 2001: Liberals need to stop whining about what NFL players get […]

Rules For Radicals… And Others.

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“Saul Alinsky was a brilliant man. Evil, but brilliant. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, everyone on the Left from the President on down is playing by his rules in the political arena.” (Townhall)   Republicans are fond of vilifying both President Obama and Hillary Clinton because of their supposed brainwashed allegiance and fealty […]

They Said It – Discrimination Is A Religious Expression.

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Just read a story about the new law passed by the San Antonio city counsel banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. Texas is one of the least friendly state in the union concerning this issue. Here is what the law does. It prohibits council members from discriminating in their official capacity and forbids workers in […]

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Wait… Who’s Not Eligible To Be President Of The United States?????

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Well, this is going to be inconvienient for more than a few people. Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz (TX) just released his birth certificate! Uh Oh! There are serious problems here: The birth certificate is a short form. He definitely wasn’t born in America. His father WAS NOT an American citizen. AND…. He’s got […]

Darrel Issa Is Joe McCarthy???

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That’s what this story says. I’m sorry… But this is a horrible comparison. McCarthy used the full weight of his congressional powers to go after citizen for no valid reason. Issa’s actions are very much different from Ken Starr. Starr, first of all, was an independent investigator, and he was given cart-blance by the idiot […]

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The War At Gay Patriot Continue….

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More on the war at gay Patriot. Here is the latest. ————————————- Jeff, also known as ILC, wrote: Since sf talked yesterday about rules, enforcement and banning people, I’ve been thinking about those questions. Again, it’s not my role to ban people here and I’m not about to. But hypothetically, before I did, I’d want […]

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Biting The Hand…… UPDATE: Or, Happily, Not.

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This is something I wish I would have created on my satire web site AlteredNews.Com. But no! It’s real! AIG, you remember, that company that helped get Wall Street into the mess that created the Great Recession, may sue the Federal Government because it argues the bailout terms were too punitive! The board of A.I.G. […]

MSNBC = Obama Campaign.

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As if their were any doubt. But I’m not saying it… Chris Mathews is! “Well, this, um… wasn’t an MSNBC debate, was it. It just wasn’t. It had none of the things you mentioned. It didn’t mention all the key fighting points of this campaign…” Fighting points???? Fighting against whom????? There is a hot debate […]

Clint Eastwood Chose The Wrong Words.

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Soooo many people are indignant that Eastwood would suggest that President Obama might tell someone something to the equivalent of “F*&% You”…. Um…. I should point out he’s come close to doing just that. More than once. Raise your hand if you think a President who would go on national television and proudly tell the […]

Saluting the Son

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Yoga Filled Body, Christ Filled Souls Glass Half-Full: New strategy to market specific exercise to Christian-identified persons. Glass Half-Empty: An exercise with East Asian roots shamelessly appropriated by another religion. Biblical stories were borrowed from previous myths, why not exercise?

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