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Happy Birthday Tim Finn – Persuasion.

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The other night at the Intimo’s Open Mic, I decided to pay tribute to a favorite artist, Tim Finn, who recently had a birthday. He’s been an influence on my songwriting and playing over the years. I usually play a more simple guitar rhythm, but I just recently realized I could play this more like […]

Is The Electric Guitar Dead?????

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I was reading a review of the new Bowie album, and came across this quote: It’s also probably worth noting that the four-piece rock band itself, and especially the electric guitar — that bastion and symbol of late-sixties rebellion — has grown long in the tooth. It’s been nearly 50 years since Hendrix, and though […]

Sea Of Sound – Criavia. The Album Review.

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Well, I haven’t done an album review in a very long time, so I’m overdue. And since I haven’t recorded anything in a year, but these guys have, I figure this is as good a place to resume the act of trying to be a music critic. Criavia is the self produced debut album by […]

YouTube Banter – The Hazards Of Listening To Tommy Emmanuel.

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the only thing i learned from this masterclass is how bad i suck? at guitar. Everyone who saw this threw their guitars out? the window. and someone else? got hit buy a guitar flying out a window. And finally… A bunch of guitars saw this and threw their players out the window…. Which is why […]

Back To The Open Mic

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Just got back from the Revue open mic. I haven’t done one of these for a few months at least. I played two new songs. Both challenging. I played Blackbird, and damned near pulled it off without a hitch! I cut it short because I started to get unsure where I was going. The next […]

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Adventures In Song Writing And 12 Strings!

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  I played yet another open mic all by my lonesome self on Monday night. I did pretty well, all things considered. I’m finally losing the bit of nervousness I wrote about previously, partly because I’m getting better on guitar, and partly because I’m getting used to being on stage solo, with no band to […]

Conquering A Long Time Foe!

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This is my long-time foe….  A song! I’ve been wanting to perform this song for the longest time, but had a very hard time learning it. Sting, the bassist, vocalist, and main songwriter for The Police, gets great respect within the bass playing community. He is deceptively good. Yes, his bass lines are often pretty repetitive…But […]

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From Guitar To Bass?

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On the Talk Bass forum, there is a post by a guitarist who has decided to learn to play bass. Here is my advice for those going from there to here. I’m in the process of going the other direction, expanding my skills to guitar. I’ve always been a finger-style bass player and never got […]

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Name It!

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OK. This is my little studio, such as it is, where most of my little solo album thingy is being recorded. But, I just realized, all studio’s are named! The Beatles had Abbey Road…. Elvis used Sun Studios… Hendrix, the Record Plant Genesis recorded at Hit and Run… My studio doesn’t have a name…. What […]

Musicians Corner – What Were The First Songs You Learned To Play????

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On Bass… Here’s the list! Sultains Of Swing – Dire Straights I remember it sounded so easy, yet when I tried to play it, I just couldn’t get the timing right. Then, one day…. It just fell into place! That was the first song I knew I could play reasonably well. That was followed quickly […]

Monday August 22nd, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass / Guitar Techniques | 2 Comments »