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Texas Sues Everybody Over Election Loss

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The case is here. I’m posting this so that I can rub it in my Conservative friends faces when this falls flat on its silly face. 🙂 Just Kidding… Sort of. Here’s the case Texas is making:Texas argued that electors from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin should not be allowed to cast their votes in […]

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“Because You Lefties Would Rather Trump Fail At Any Cost.”

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On facebook, in a discussion about the recent action of the FDA approving limited treatment of Covid infection by using Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine, I, and “lefties” in general, were accused of “not want a treatments to be identified”. Me, the “leftie”: “Why would the lefties “not want a treatments to be identified”? Righty: “Because you […]

Covid-19… The Spectacular Trump Impeachment Defense.

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The dumbest thing is… Most of the criticism of how Trump has handled this crisis concern events that happened and steps not taken AFTER impeachment was long over

Covid 19… Trump’s Failure.

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For those who think Trump acted quickly and did great…. Sorry. You’re wrong. The Covid-19 virus arrived in South Korea on January 20th, 2020. It arrived in the US a day later. By March 17th, they were conducting about 15,000 tests a day and had conducted about 250,000 tests by that time. That gave them […]

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The Art Of Efing Up The Deal

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The almost dead Iran deal. Earlier today I linked to the BBC article that pointed to leaked diplomatic correspondence suggesting President Trump’s motivation for breaking the agreement was simply “to spite Obama.” My conservative friends scoff at the idea, and say it was a bad deal to be in in the first place. Let’s put […]

The Government Shutdown… All For Nothing.

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Here’s where we are. Government workers who are not getting paid are being demanded to continue working without pay. It’s not slavery because they could quit and find another job. But they will keep doing their job because they have a sense of duty to continue, would not find a job that pays as well, […]

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On Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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This morning, while talking on Facebook about a woman being deported after living here for thirty years and raising a family, a friend ask a question I hear often: why didn’t the illegal immigrant go and do things the right way?   In order to do so, she would have to go back to Mexico […]

Saturday November 11th, 2017 in Politics / Law Stuff, Stupid Government | 2 Comments »

The Lost Lesson Of Gary Hart

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Dear Mr. Trump. If you don’t want the press to turn the journalism knob up to eleven and investigate the hell out of you… Don’t challenge them.

Republican Senate 2016 – National Security Is Job One.

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In light of the failure of the Senate… No, in light of the REFUSAL of the Senate to pass a single piece of meaningful gun legislation yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to note what they have accomplished, to see what sort of critical national problems they’ve tried to solve. Here is a list […]

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Flint’s Water Supply Disaster… Who Is To Blame?

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“Hello. This is Miguel Del Toral from EPA Region 5, and I’d like to speak with you about problems with drinking water in Flint Michigan.” (EPA Region 5 lead-in-water expert Miguel Del Toral) As most are well aware, the city of Flint, Michigan is in the midst of a very serious problem with its water […]