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When The Name Doesn’t Represent The Content…. Part 2 *UPDATE* Post Is Void!

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UPDATE – Dan B came to the rescue. Thankfully, he wrote a nice post on the topic, so this post is mute. So, it’s March 26th, and the Supreme Court hear the arguments for the Prop 8 case concerning the legality and Constitutionality of same sex marriage. Guess which blog that has the name Gay […]

Marriage Equality. A Step Forward.

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75 prominent (or somewhat prominent) Republicans today filed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court rejecting Prop 8 and embracing the concept of gays being able to marry. I sometimes have my differences with Andrew Sullivan, but today, his 24 plus years of same sex marriage advocacy makes him the go-to guy to comment on […]

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My Latest Song…. “The Cost Of Freedom”.

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It only took 27 years from the time I started it to finishing it this week! I’m pretty sure this is one of the ones I came up with while riding my bike the ten miles from Mesa College to my house when I lived in San Diego. The ** indicates the bit that has […]

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Do You Understand The Words Coming Out Of My Mouth?

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Ann Althouse posted a discussion on the “lost art” of lip-synching, brought about by the recent release of the film version of the musical Les Miserables. Funny thing is, when I came across this whiny little news bit of former American Idol loser Adam Lambert being a total queen on the subject, I was going […]

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When The Name Doesn’t Represent The Content….

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I don’t like the title I just came up with, and I don’t feel all that comfortable being critical of bloggers who I also consider friends. But Bruce… Dan… The name of your blog is “Gay Patriot“. It’s been 4 days since the election, and you’ve written nothing about the success of the four pro […]

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Does Opposition To Gay Marriage Automatically Equal Bigotry?

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I have an awful lot of liberal friends who say absolutely yes – Anyone who is opposed to gay marriage, especially due to religious reasons, are bigots, period! In their world view, there is no middle ground. Either you are good and righteous and support same sex marriage, or you are evil and a bigot […]

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Why It’s Futile To Argue With Close Minded People.

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I don’t mean to pick on one particular party here, and anyone who has followed this blog for the last few years knows I have had it out with members from both parties. But this one deals with same sex marriage. And since I’m for that, well, you know which ideology I’m going to have […]

Monday February 13th, 2012 in Gay., Jump The Shark!, Stupidity / Satire | 2 Comments »

Big Government Conservatism

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On display. So I guess if any of these three win, we’ll have a Marriage Czar? Of all the problems out there, they have to sign a pledge for THIS? Romney sure can pander with the best worst of them, can’t he.

And Now Class, We Begin Our Lesson On Gay People In History!

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A friend on Facebook asked if I had something to say about the new law in California that requires schools to include the contributions of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender in social studies curriculum. Yes, I have something to say. I’m a teacher… OK, I’m a yet to be an employed teacher […]

Thursday July 14th, 2011 in Gay., Stupid Government | 5 Comments »

Sexy Done Right!…. And Eew!

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(Welcome Insta-P Readers! Always glad to get an Intsalanche – They’re not easy to come by) Miss Jane Russell – RIP. Now, contrast that with the latest from Lady Gaga. After the interesting first 23 seconds (good use of angles and shifting the axis of action), you might want to skip the weird and bizarre […]

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