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Closer To Fine – The New Musical Challenge

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Though I’m a bass player, I also play guitar. Bass is home, I’ve been playing bass for 30 plus years. It’s almost second nature. I have some skill on guitar, but it’s not on the same level as the other. Shiva Umesh, a drummer I’ve played with in the past, recently invited me to join […]

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I’m Not Dead!!!!

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Just busy with things like still working and filling the “shelter in place” family time and FINALLY recording scratch tracks for my solo record.

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Musician Jokes – The Master List

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Q: How do you make musicians complain?A: Pay them. Q: How many conductors does it take to screw in a light bulb?A: No one knows, no one ever looks at him. Q: whats the differance between a pianist and god?A: god doesn’t think he’s a pianist Q: how many drummers does it take to change […]

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Happy Birthday Tim Finn – Persuasion.

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The other night at the Intimo’s Open Mic, I decided to pay tribute to a favorite artist, Tim Finn, who recently had a birthday. He’s been an influence on my songwriting and playing over the years. I usually play a more simple guitar rhythm, but I just recently realized I could play this more like […]

Paid To Play… Or Not.

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    On a friend’s facebook page, there is a brough-ha-ha that’s going on about paid vs non-paid music venues, and it revolves around the The Starving Artist Bistro in Clovis California. The Starving Artist Bistro (SAB) is a retaurant that provides a stage for musicians and comics to go up on stage on a whim and perform. Note […]

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While I Was Away….

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Yeah…. I haven’t been blogging much at all. No, I haven’t given it up. I’ve been substitute teaching for the last month full-time, plus still trying to maintain my pool business, PLUS rehearsing for Synchronicity 3, the long awaited, on-again-off-agian X 4 Police tribute band I started some eight or ten years ago! I was […]

Saturday October 18th, 2014 in Band Stuff, Blog Admin Stuff, Life | 1 Comment »

Songwriting – How Much Do Our Influences Infiltrate Or Songs????

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For songwriters, there is always the internal pressure to come up with something “new” and “original”. There is almost always that voice in your head while writing that will say “Oh, that sounds too much like that other song”. And in the cases when you think you’re in the clear because you can’t think if […]

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Solo “Career”… Launched!

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  Last night, I played my very first official solo gig! It was at Tokyo Gardens, the place where my very first band played. I had planned for quite a while, in honor of my first experience there, to lose my artistic virginity at that venue. It was only right and proper to play my […]

Saturday March 15th, 2014 in Band Stuff, Lyrics, Music / Video | 4 Comments »

After The Goldrush

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My band Laurel Canyon, performing this Neil Young classic. Jorge Apsay, the guy in the shades, does an incredible Neil Young style vocal. He’s our secret weapon! Oh, and apparently I didn’t get the memo that I was supposed to wear black! (with Jorge Apsay, Me , and Jim Rust)

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“After The Fall”. Old Song…. New Life.

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Back in the early 90’s, in my first band Tribe Called Mike, we used to play two songs I had written years earlier. “After The Fall” was one of those songs. I don’t thinks it’s been played live since then. At the time, I had no confidence and just knew it was a horrible song […]

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