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Meme Watch – Our Failing Economy And The World War II “Cure”.

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A Conservative friend on facebook posted a familiar refrain about how FDR’s New Deal policies did not get us out of the Great Depression, that only occurred as a result of World War II. Being a bit of a history buff, I have to challenge that widely repeated assertion. First, lets define an economic depression: […]

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The Great Recession Revisited.

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Recently, a facebook friend posted an old Forbes article from 2009, blaming the entire financial crisis on the Federal Government. I wrote a couple of previous posts here and here rebutting that idea, but I thought it would be interesting to look at it in relation to the specific Forbes article in question. Lets take […]

UPDATE: Scott Walker, Wisconsin, And Unemployment…. Part 2

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From the Rush Limbaugh school of “Conservatism works every time it’s tried“… The Wisconsin files. In August of last year, someone posted a critique of Republican / Conservative Scott Walker on facebook, and I wanted to check to see if the critique had merit or was just another silly politically inspired inaccurate talking point. As […]

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Does A Minimum Wage Increase Cause Unemployment????

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I’m in a discussion on this very topic on facebook. I’m going google this right now to see what I can find. This is the phrase I used to research this topic – “does  minimum wage increase unemployment”.  Each of the articles I link to should have links to statistical analysis to bolster their case, […]

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A Few Points On The Economy And Our Failing Economic Model.

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A commenter at IGF posted this: One of my great frustrations in the debate regarding economics is the complete avoidance of some basic understanding of what it is. Economic activity is simply money changing hands. When money doesn’t change hands, the economy falters. When it does, it flourishes. It is hard to avoid value judgments […]

Friday January 17th, 2014 in Economics | 4 Comments »

Why The Conservative Movement Is Becoming Irrelevant – Part 2

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Andrew Sullivan has a blog post titled “The GOP’s Talking Points On Poverty“. In it, he notes: Philip Rucker and Robert Costa report that ”there is deep disagreement among Republican leaders and strategists over whether to embrace an economic-mobility agenda in the 2014 midterm campaigns.” But some prominent Republicans are beginning to address the issue: […]

Why The Conservative Movement Is Becoming Irrelevant. (Meme watch – us poor folk should be grateful Mitt Romney has eleven houses or whatever)

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Do you want to know why the Conservative Republican Party is marching toward irrelevance? This statement from a January 4th article captures a snap-shot of their state of mind: “The truth is that income inequality is of minimal importance in a nation like America, where so many people already move between classes, where the poor […]

Cognitive Dissonance…. The Tea Party “Oops” Edition.

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Today at Gay Patriot, V the K has a guest post giving 10 reasons why possible  2016 GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie is comparable to the Democrats 1988 guy Michael Dukakis. Here is a summary of the list. I will comment on each one as as presented: 1. Christie and Dukakis are both blue-state governors with […]

Thursday September 19th, 2013 in Economics, Politics / Law Stuff, Tortured Logic | 2 Comments »

Snapshot – Scott Walker, Wisconsin, And Unemployment.

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I just saw a thing on the intertubes… OK…. Facebook, posted by some of my liberal friends, where Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker is getting dinged for saying this: Governor Walker promised Wisconsin 250,000 new jobs again and again while campaigning in 2010. He said he’d accomplish that in his first term as governor. But […]

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“American Betrayal”… Where Have I Seen This Before????

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Andrew Sullivan has been commenting on new book by Diana West that portrays FDR and his administration as basically a bunch of Commie Pinkos. Here’s the blurb for “American Betrayal”: If the Soviet penetration of Washington, D.C., was so wide and so deep that it functioned like an occupation … If, as a result of […]