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Songwriting – How Much Do Our Influences Infiltrate Or Songs????

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For songwriters, there is always the internal pressure to come up with something “new” and “original”. There is almost always that voice in your head while writing that will say “Oh, that sounds too much like that other song”. And in the cases when you think you’re in the clear because you can’t think if […]

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“After The Fall”. Old Song…. New Life.

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Back in the early 90’s, in my first band Tribe Called Mike, we used to play two songs I had written years earlier. “After The Fall” was one of those songs. I don’t thinks it’s been played live since then. At the time, I had no confidence and just knew it was a horrible song […]

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A New Song – The Ballad Of Sasquatch!

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It’s my first new whole song I’ve written in a while… Not counting the two I’ve had on the back burner since January. This is as much about songwriting as it is about getting more comfortable using the Presonus recording software Studio on. I’ve owned it for about two year, but haven’t really taken the […]

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New Lyric?… Or Bagged Lyric???

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I wrote this… But I might have bagged it from someone else, from some other song! It used to be my way or the highway Until I realized The highway is much more fun! I don’t care if I stole it… I’m keeping it!!!!   Any other songwriters have this conundrum of constant fear that […]

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U.S.S. Titanic Update!

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So…. How was your Tuesday? Yesterday was one of those hectic days. Work was backed up due to Monday’s rain. I installed a heat exchanger on a heater, and that took longer than I thought it would. got home with just enough time to string the Taylor… Oh, if only I had only strung it! […]

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The First Song I Ever Wrote.

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It’s called “Insanity”. As I said, it was the first song I ever wrote. My song writing journey started when I was about thirteen. So, I’m 47 now. That means it took some 34 years to complete this song! Many if not most of the songs I’ve written over the years are incomplete. In the […]

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The Solo Album – What A Downer!

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Last night, I was selecting the songs from my 34 year long history of song writing I am going to record. The first song I wrote when I was about 13. So of the songs are complete works and include the music, kept in my head for all these years, while other things are little […]

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Two Weeks – Expect Lite Blogging.

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I’m going to be very busy in the next couple of weeks. Both of my bands, Taylor Martin and Acoustic Highway, are going to see increased work in the weeks ahead. After a couple of months off, the Police Tribute band is gearing back up, so I need to set aside some time to remind […]

Progress On The Solo Album

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Uhm… There hasn’t been any. 🙁 But I have good reason. Work has kept me fairly busy. I had recorded bits and pieces of a few songs, but realized I was still a little lost on the new digital recording software I’m now using, Presonus’s Studio One. It’s not that different from the old tried […]

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It Starts… Now!

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Last night, Acoustic Highway had one of the best gigs we’ve had in the four years we’ve been together. We played up in Oakhurst at the Sky Ranch resort for a Ren-fair. It’s not that the crowd was huge… It wasn’t. There were only about twenty people there. But we sounded GREAT! It wasn’t just […]

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